Review by: Michelle Cooprider

Overall Impressions

Everything went smoothly! The only wrinkles were COVID related which is our of everyone's control.

Countries Visited


SO beautiful. I wish they were closer so it would be easier to make the trip back!

Accommodation Visited

Constance Ephelia Seychelles

We were bummed to not be able to go to South Beach because of the jelly fish, and the south part of the property can be a bit windy, but that's natural. It was somewhat nice having a quieter resort because of less vacationers currently, so we while that won't always be that way, it was a peaceful place to holiday. The food options were delicious. The prices generally felt a bit high for food / drink, even after paying half board.

Constance Lemuria Seychelles

So beautiful and access to amazing excursions and sights in Praslin. The buffet was also a great option, which was good because there were less restaurants than Ephelia. Again, prices were a bit high. The staff at both resorts were so kind and accommodating.

Staff Review

Aside from when she was OOO for a few weeks, she was so responsive and helpful, even on weekends. She made the trip so easy and ever little detail was taken care of. Definitely made the trip more relaxing and was even willing to go above and beyond to see if there was more we could secure along the way. Super grateful for her help in making this an amazing (belated) honeymoon!