Review by: James Fernandes

Overall Impressions

We loved Kenya from the moment we touched down. Our airport staff member was extremely helpful in guiding us through immigration and helping with our bags. Shawn was an incredible host. He was extremely friendly, hospitable, and knowledgeable. He helped us take care of all our logistics in Nairobi. It was great to have a point person on the ground that we could rely on. The drivers in Nairobi were fantastic. The safari was a dream. We saw so many wonderful animals. We experienced everything that nature could provide, including sleeping with roaring lions and laughing hyena. It was truly magical.

Countries Visited


We loved Kenya! The people, the energy, the food, and the overall vibe was very positive.

Accommodation Visited

Hemingways Nairobi

This was a great place to stay! We loved this property. The decor, the architecture, the accommodation, the staff, the dining and the amenities were all first rate! It was a great place to start our time in Kenya and get situated before our safari. It's truly luxurious and has a very interesting history. It's in a beautiful location, just outside the main city area of Nairobi. We highly recommend it!

Ol Seki Hemingways Mara

The Ol Seki is wonderful. The tent accommodations were extremely comfortable. The staff is excellent. Deb is an excellent manager/host who runs a tight ship. The dining is delicious. All the wildlife you could ever want to see is present in the Naboisho Conservancy. It a beautiful area. The guides are very knowledgeable. Mike, our guide, showed us everything that nature could provide. We saw so many lions! We had our first sun-downer in the middle of a big pride of lions! We had our second sun-downer in the company of leopard. We spend the last morning with a mother cheetah and her cubs. We saw scores of wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, giraffe, gazelle, and impala. We saw hyena and hippos! The hippos gave us a little river show! We went on a hot air balloon ride in the national park, the Maasai Mara. The ride and subsequent breakfast were truly amazing. However, we would recommend skipping the full day game ride in the Mara. It's not worth it. You see better and more in the Naboisho. We wanted to see a river crossing but the Mara park rangers burned acres of grassland in the hopes of fresh grass popping up after the rains. So, the wildebeest had no grass to cross the river for. The burned ash makes for a very unpleasant breathing experience in the Mara. Also, it's very crowded. Overall, stay away from the Mara and stay in Naboisho. We can't say enough good things about Ol Seki. The views are spectacular. The exclusivity of the Naboisho Conservancy is a major plus. 5 stars!

Staff Review

Stuart was great! He always answered all of my questions and took great care of us. He never steered us wrong. In fact, I wish I had listened to him regarding the Mara experience. He found us great properties and coordinated a truly magical holiday for us. I always felt like we were in good hands. Thank you Stuart!