Review by: Mr & Mrs Nurse

Overall Impressions

Our honeymoon was in every sense more than and better than we ever could have expected. Everything was incredible and made all the more enjoyable by the excellent service provided by Mahlatini. Particular highlights included swimming with dolphins, fishing on the Zambezi River and having our every need met by our personal butler at Matemwe Retreat.

Countries Visited


From our all too brief experience, Tanzania was amazing. We visited at the end of the rainy season, early June and the climate was perfect. The colours were amazing, the people incredibly friendly and diversity of cultures extremely interesting. At no point did we feel unsafe or pestered, a previous experience in Africa, and although Tanzania was actually our second choice to Zambia, we are very glad we ended up there. Tanzanian's seem to be very proud of their country and rightly so, it is amazing. Without a shadow of doubt, we will visit again.

Accommodation Visited

Ras Kutani

Ras Kutani was intended as a small bonus of respite and very much the least expensive aspect of our honeymoon. That all said, we were in absolute awe and amazement of how incredible it was. The service was second to none, the food to die for and the range of activities were fantastic. Given the relatively low costs involved, we would without a doubt recommend Ras Kutani to anyone visiting Tanzania and looking for some relaxation time. The only change we would have made in hindsight would have been to upgrade to fully inclusive as the drinks inclusions for this were far greater than one would normally expect. That said, the drinks prices were still very fair, and fruit juice and tea and coffee were complimentary.

Selous Impala Camp

From the moment we landed in Selous, we were met with a friendly and genuine service. The drive from the airstrip to the camp was our first ever experience of safari, and we thought we saw everything. From impala and wart hogs, to hippos and crocodiles, to giraffes and water buffalo. We even saw a pack of wild dogs, and this was just the first of eight different activities over four days. The diversity of bird species was amazing, even for ourselves who previously had little interest in birds. The guide's knowledge seemed never ending and every activity was tailored to what we wanted. Most impressive was the dedicated guide for the duration of our stay and being exclusive activities at no extra cost. As for the accommodation, it certainly redefines ones expectations of 'camping'. The tents were extremely comfortable with all the mod cons you could ask for. The setting was breath taking and despite being very much in the bush, you felt safe with the on hand Masai while still exposed to the beauty and fascination of the wilderness.

Asilia Matemwe Retreat

Only one word can describe the Matemwe Retreat: luxury, and even that doesn?t do it justice. Absolute, unspoilt luxury beyond any expectations. Our every want and desire was met and then some. The accommodation was just perfect, from the fully stocked bar to the ocean view. All of the staff were very friendly and having a personal butler left us completely spoilt. The food and menu choices were absolutely delicious and cooked and presented in a manner one would expect of a Michelin star restaurant. We really stretched our budget to stay at the Matemwe Retreat and have absolutely no regrets in doing so. We would urge anyone staying there to try to do the same but have no doubt the Matemwe Bungalows are equally as rewarding.

Staff Review

From the recommendations of places to stay and visit to the intricacies of travel arrangements and what to pack, Mahlatini helped at every stage of the way and Jamie's input was particularly helpful. His insight and description were very accurate and we were also impressed with his patience when it came to tweaking every last detail of our itinerary to make the ideal honeymoon.