Review by: AJ DiStefano

Overall Impressions

The trip was UNBELIEVABLE. We had some pretty high expectations, but it exceeded them all around.

Countries Visited


Besides the first night mishap, Kenya was awesome. We definitely enjoyed the Mara more than Nairobi, but we are happy that we got to see Nairobi and experience it while we were there. The Mara was amazing. It was unbelievable to see all the animals in their natural habitat and everyone was so friendly.


Tanzania was great. It was interesting seeing an African version of a beach island in Zanzibar. We didn't get to see a lot outside of the resort, but we enjoyed it. It was eye opening to see the lifestyle of the villages we drove by.

Accommodation Visited

Tamarind Tree Hotel

This was the first night mishap. This is why the score is so low. If it had not had happened it probably would have been a 4 out of 5, but due to it, it is a one. It was not a great experience and not how we wanted to start the trip after that long travel day.

Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp

We wish we could give 6 stars for this. Everyone was so so nice and they were the most genuine people ever. Joel our butler was THE BEST. So was our drive Lorna. They truly made the trip special. I got sick one morning and Joel checked on me like every 30 minutes to make sure i was ok and did everything he could to help. The drives were awesome, the location was awesome, the property was awesome. The food was 4 out of 5. It was pretty good, but Baraza blew the food away.

Baraza Resort and Spa

We also would love to give Baraza 6. The staff was also friendly and helpful, but not at the level of Kichwa Tembo. However the property at Baraza was immaculate and the food was amazing. Some of the best we have ever had anywhere. Laying by the pool / beach was a great relaxation after all the safaris. We are glad we did it in that order.

Staff Review

Donna was great! She helped when we needed it during the trip and helped us plan the perfect trip, making it so easy for us. We didn't even know about Zanzibar before and she introduced us to it which helped save some money over the Seychelles and was also great! She also guided us towards Baraza which we are so happy about.