Review by: Aoife Noelle Guiry

Overall Impressions

Fantastic trip. Exactly the type of honeymoon that we had envisioned, with the right balance between experiences and relaxation!

Countries Visited


Amazing natural environment, with unforgettable safari experiences. Really friendly, proud people which really added to our impressions and memories of Kenya


Beautiful vibrant islands, with an authenticity to them (outside of the resorts) which really appealed. There was confusion with Mason's Travel on arrival, in that their representative did not show for our orientation. However we subsequently learned that due to Covid the company was understaffed on the island at the time, and the representative himself had been ill and scheduled for sick-leave. So any drop-off in service levels should be taken in that context. It did not impact our enjoyment of our stay in any case!

Accommodation Visited

Hemingways Nairobi

Friendly welcome and gorgeous, comfortable room. Great starting point to the honeymoon after a long day of travel

Lewa Safari Camp

Great first stop on the safari trail. Excellent guide, staff and food. Warm welcome and continued hospitality.

Bateleur Camp

Real luxury for a safari camp. The lodge was out of this world, and a beautiful setting.

Raffles Praslin Seychelles

Beautiful resort, impressively laid out and level of detail throughout the resort showed a real mark of luxury and class. The food offering for a resort was excellent, and beyond our expectations for variety and quality. Lunch and dinner time service was occasionally very slow, and the prices of some items seemed a bit excessive (especially in contrast to places elsewhere on the island) but we were aware of this in advance so it did not overly impact our enjoyment or impressions of the resort.

Staff Review

Claire far exceeded our expectations for what a travel expert can do! From the initial contact, through the booking process Claire was unbelievably thorough and prompt and immediately seemed to "get" what we wanted for our honeymoon. The options provided, and insights on each were invaluable in allowing us to create such a memorable trip. We can say without hesitation that the honeymoon would not have been what it was without her help and expertise! Thank you!