Review by: Patrick Hull

Overall Impressions

We had a trip of a life time! Caroline was AMAZING to work with and we would not have had the most amazing Honeymoon if it wasn't for her hard work putting it all together! We will be dreaming of this trip for years and years and we hope our friends and family decide to go on this trip as well. Mahlatini is wonderful and we are so happy we decided to book with this company :) If you are ever looking for a face in the United States to help grow the company, I know this is a company that I would love to work for!

Countries Visited


We were very impressed with Tanzania. The locals were all very nice and it is a very peaceful and beautiful country.

Accommodation Visited

Hamerkop House by Lemala

Hamerkop House was a great stay! Wonderful food, very friendly staff, and the house is very welcoming. Since it is located on the Kilimanjaro Golf Course we decided to play a round to while we were there! Great first day and a nice place relax after a very long flight.

Lemala Ngorongoro

Lemala Ngorongoro was absolutely wonderful. This was a first time on a safari and this was a magical stay! The camp was beautiful. The room was very clean and we loved being woken up with coffee in bed :) The staff was better than you can ever imagine and Frankie our guide took us to see the crater, where we saw so many animals and had a great packed lunch.

Lemala Ewanjan

Lemala Ewanjan was incredible. We opened our tent door and we were surrounded by the beauty of the Serengeti. It is hard to fully describe this place as you must experience for yourself to truly understand. Our guide Jonathon was great and knew so much about all the animals. We saw Leopards, Cheetahs, Giraffes, so many lions, and much, much more! We even decided to go on a morning Hot Air Balloon Ride and that was truly a magical experience, such a peaceful morning watching Gazelles and the Wildebeest migration from above the Serengeti. We loved starting our day with coffee in bed, and ending the day with a Talking Shower and sitting around the fire listening to all the animals.

Gold Zanzibar Beach House and Spa

Gold Zanzibar was a nice place to relax after being in the Bush for a week. The island is beautiful and we enjoyed relaxing by the pool and beach. You must try the Hakuna Matata drink! The food was great and the chefs went out of their way to make sure allergy friendly food was available. The only complaint we have here was that hot water did not work in the shower and we asked the front desk multiple times and it was never fixed.

Staff Review

She truly is a travel expert. She went above and beyond her job. She was so kind and always responded to us so quickly even when we live across the globe! She is truly wonderful and we are thankful to have worked with her.