Review by: Craig Dadamo & Keely Lindstadt

Overall Impressions

The recommendations by Adam on lodges and places to stay were tremendous. Everything pretty much went seamlessly. It was an amazing experience.

Countries Visited


The location of the resort at Mozambique was out of this world. One of the highlights of the trip was the helicopter ride.

South Africa

South Africa is amazing! The highlights were the lodges, the animals and the staff at the lodges.

Accommodation Visited

Dulini Lodge

Dulini was fantastic. Not even one minor complaint.

Dulini Leadwood Lodge

Similar to Dulini, Leadwood was fantastic.

White Pearl Resorts

The location of the resort was amazing. The helicopter ride was incredible. All of the staff at the resort were great as well. It was an incredibly relaxing place. The food is very good, but can be redundant after being there for a week. The staff tries their best, but sometimes there is a language barrier and they feel a little overwhelmed. We would not hesitate to go back.

Staff Review

Adam was great to work with. Originally we had prepared an agenda to go to Kenya and Zanzibar, but because of some of the current events in Kenya, we wanted to change our plans. Even though Adam had already prepared our detailed itinerary for the Kenya/Zanzibar trip, he immediately was able to shift focus and find a separate location for the trip to fit our wishes. Adam was very responsive to any email requests and questions.