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Countries Visited:
Mauritius & South Africa
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5 08/11/2012

Overall Impressions

Everything was so organized, seamless and easy. It was such a pleasure to not have to worry about any of the details! All of the recommendations were top notch but with just enough of a variety to give us the right number of options we needed to make the best decisions for our trip. The documentation provided was also organized, incredibly descriptive and so helpful in us navigating through the destinations.

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Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel 5

Cape Cadogan was very nice and conveniently located. The staff there was extremely friendly and helpful. They seemed to have a number of connections with different vendors and restaurants throughout the city which is always nice. The food was also delicious. On the downside, I think I would have opted for a different room. We stayed in one of the standard rooms which was located right next to the reception desk so we didn't feel like we had much privacy. Unlike the rest of the hotel, the room had no character to it, felt very basic "or standard" like being in a cell. All in all, it was our first stop on our honeymoon and it didn't feel like anything special so I was a little disappointed in the room, but the rest of our stay there made up for it.

Lion Sands River Lodge 5

This place was AMAZING. I would go back in a heartbeat. You definitely feel like you're on an exotic and luxurious get away while staying here. The grounds are beautiful, the staff was incredibly gracious, friendly and warm, the room was spectacular and the food was by far the best I've ever tasted. There wasn't a single detail that was missed in their service and accommodations. On our first night there we were also greeted with a candlelit room, drawn bubble bath with rose pedals and a complimentary bottle of champagne which really made it a little more special considering we were there on our honeymoon. We also stayed in the Chalkey Treehouse one night which I believe is exclusive to the lion sands. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I would encourage anyone to do who stays here. Lastly, the guides and trackers were fantastic. They were so incredibly knowledgeable and up beat considering we were up and out at 5:00!! I would recommend the lion sands to anyone going to Kruger, if we go back, we might want to try out the ivory lodge next time around :)

LUX* Le Morne 5

Lux was beautiful. The best part about it is how close the rooms are to the beach. You literally feel like you're waking up on the water. They had tons of activities to do to keep busy, which is great for people like us. I would recommend swimming with the dolphins. At the same time they had several ways to just veg and relax either on the beach, at one of the 2 pools or at the spa which I would also recommend :) The folks at lux also acknowledged our honeymoon with a complimentary bottle of champagne and dinner which again, made it feel more special. The resort was also meticulous which gets a big star in my book. The service was good. Everyone was friendly but extremely slow. There was one instance where we had dinner on the beach, we were sitting out there for 30 minutes before anyone came to take our drink order. They were also 15 minutes late for a wake up call that I had scheduled. We were fine with it in the beginning but towards the end of the week we were growing pretty impatient with all of the waiting.

Staff Review 5

Nikki O'Hare was extremely helpful. She was very quick and thorough with all of her responses. She also always offered up alternatives to help accommodate our suggested needs. But more importantly she was a pleasure to work with.