Review by: Tina Freestone

Overall Impressions

This holiday was one of the best I have had with some amazing experiences. I have picked out a few highlights that will always stay with me - 1. coming face to face with gorillas after a hard 5 hour trek - and being knocked over by a particularly playful one 2. giving a piggy back ride to a 40lb chimp whilst a smaller chimp walked alongside holding my hand 3. laying in my tent listening to a lion roaring as he scavenged for food only 2 tents away 4. sitting on the verandha of my tent in the dark while hippos snorted around less than 5 feet away

Countries Visited


I was quite apprehensive about going to Uganda after all of their recent troubles but I am so glad I did. Absolutely all of the staff we met at different camps were friendly, funny and helpful. Our guide made it easy for us to enjoy our stay, he was brilliant and we were both sad to say goodbye to him. I think his name was Matia? Staying in tents made this a unique experience as well as the obvious seeing gorillas and chimps. Out of all of the countries I have visited and holidays i have taken this has to be one of if not the best. I would recommend Uganda to anyone.

Accommodation Visited

The Boma Entebbe

Having spent around 2 weeks in tented accomodation it was nice to have a night in a guest house. Unfortunately we did have a problem with an overflowing toilet however the staff were quick to attend to this. Lovely garden area, nice food and made to feel welcome. A great place for an overnight stay.

Lake Kitandara Bwindi Camp

Fantastic view of the impenetrable forest we would climb the next day. Staff very friendly and helpful. Comfortable and clean. Only downside the steep steps you have to climb to get to and from your accomodation.

Mantana's Lake Mburo Camp

My first experience of tented accomodation. Very good size tent, comfortable and virtually bug free. Good surroundings and views. Staff were absolutely lovely and more than happy to cater for a very fussy eater. Slightly unnerving in the night as we were the only people there on our first ever tent safari and there was a lot of animal activity not too far away. A real treat to be woken with fresh coffee on the verandha.

Ishasha Wilderness Camp

Absolutely fantastic place. Slightly worried on arrival to be told there was an air horn in the tent that we must sound if animals come near or large ants get in but there was no need to have been concerned. Accomodation was very comfortable, very private and the setting was amazing. We sat drinking beer at dusk watching elephants eating and playing across the river and hundreds of weaver birds flying around busy nest building. Again, the staff were brilliant, one of the cleaners came with me to search for a rare bird we had spotted near by. Showers were available at a moments notice and the food was lovely. Spent time talking with the owners who made us feel very very welcome. Outstanding.

Hippo Hill Safari Lodge

This was our guides favourite place to stay and we also loved it. There aren't many places you can sit having a drink waiting for the hippos to come to your 'front lawn'. Again we were the only people here so it was slighlty scary at times - our guide was in the next field and we could hear the villagers in the distance with their drums etc very late into the night so we were unsure what was happening. Good food and very good surroundings. Loved it.

Ngamba Island Tented Camp

A totally unique experience. A huge tent for the two of us with a massive seating area on the back to relax and listen to the chimps. Very very nice food and good friendly staff. A very relaxing place, definitely one that i will always remember.

Staff Review

Laura was extremely helpful and very patient. She always offered good advice and was more than happy to keep amending the itinerary until it was exactly what i wanted. Could not have asked for better service.