Review by: Miss Danielle Vella

Countries Visited:
South Africa
Holiday Type:
5 21/01/2013

Overall Impressions

I am both happy and proud to confess that I miss being in South Africa and I absolutely cannot wait to go back. There was not a single part of the whole trip that we did not enjoy. The hotels we were booked into were fantastic, the staff all amazing and the never ending list of things to do and places to see kept us on our toes the whole time. The only 'problem' was the food... We say 'problem' in that it was simply too awesome for words, and in conjunction with a few too many beers and bottles of wine has left me with a bit of a Buddha belly that does not want to go away ? We can say hand on heart that the mix of experiences your trip provided us with could not be improved on. First we had the AMAZING!!! Cape Town with absolutely everything to do, then the winelands of Stellenbosch, the beauty of Knysna (albeit at night) and the awe of Plet. Topped off of course with the Safari where we had one of the best times of our life. Seriously, those 4 days were the best and we have been converted to this sort of mix and match holiday style. WE could go on and on forever about the things we did but you will know all about them - - - - Why oh why are we still in Malta LOL!!! Few special mentions though that you may want to use for future trips for people like us ? although everything was great: ? More Quarters was THE BEST possible place to start from; ? Lairds Lodge was THE BEST place either of us have ever stayed in; ? Amakhala is THE BEST experience ever and our guides Graham and Justin were TIPTOP. You have to plug the Segway tour at Spier, it was a particularly unexpected cool thing to do (Prince I think was the guys name). Also the gardens ? Kirstenbosch I think ? were brilliant and such a nice place to go and walk around, although we got a tour in a golf cart to save the sweat. Food appeared to be a BIG feature of the trip and we would have to recommend (and this is from the top of my head): ? Fork in Cape Town ? Hussar Grill in Stellenbosch ? so good we went twice ? The food at Lairds was ridiculously good and they had two guys called Bani and Big Boy who were the best people I think I have ever met in a hotel/lodge/resort ? The Fat Fish in Plet ? Table (pizza) in Plet. We bumped into another couple (a mum and her son) who had used Malhatini and they were loving it too so it seems you guys have thumbs up all around. So, WELL DONE. And Thank you for making the honeymoon so brill When we save up some money we will have no problems or reservations in using you guys again. The saying ?If you visit two continents in your lifetime visit Africa twice? ? we can now vouch as being absolutely true.

Countries Visited

South Africa 5

The highlight of South Africa is South Africa itself. The people, the places, the sights and the sounds. The country has so many contrasts and so much variety that in the end you never really know what you are going to see next. No single aspect of our experience overshadowed another because we spent the whole time looking forward to the next moment and our next experience. We were made to feel welcome and we were always relaxed and comfortable. We both loved South Africa and have not stopped telling everybody that since we came back. Thank you Malhatini (Claire) for organising such an unforgettable experience.

Accommodation Visited

Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel 5

NOTE: We actually stayed at More Quarters which is part of the Cape Cadogan Claire picked THE PERFECT place for us to start our honeymoon. Absolutley beautiful rooms and so bang on in the centre that we were amazed with how much we had available to us. Staff were all very welcoming and friendly. Breakfast was fantastic as well - only downside is my wife liked the decor so much I think it is going to cost me a small fortune to replicate it LOL

Spier Hotel 5

WOW - way beyond what we expected, the photos did not do this place justice. We were welcomed by Tashwin (I think) and he explained everything that was avilable here and our expectations were blown out of the water. REALLY REALY friendly staff and an amazing room with a huge bed. Loads to see and do here which filled our days to the max. The winery/hotel/'resort' really worked and we just had to bring some of their plonk home for a special occasion. THUMBS UP

Knysna Hollow Country Estate 3

This place was more of a stopover for us as we arrived at night. All we really did was eat, sleep and head out in the morning. Food was nice in the restaurant but if we were to be honest this was the least favorite place we stayed in. the decor was a bit dated and it was not quite up there with the other places but, on the other hand, we were sort of expecting it as we had looked everywheer up befor we left. By no means a let down but liek we say it was not the best.

Beachy Head Villa 5

Blimey - I am writing a book here !!!! hehe Amazing property in an amazing place. A stones throw from the beach and with such an amazing view what more could you ask for. Room was particularly nice and the breakfast pool area was lovely. Special mention to the staff here. We were there on Christmas Eve and Day and had not booked anything. Somehow though the staff were able to get us tables where we wanted to go and we have aBIG thank you to send to them. We would love to go again!!!

Laird's Lodge Country Estate 5

BEST PLACE WE EVER STAYED. Name one aspect of a hotel/lodge and these guys topped it. The staff, the decor, the service, THE FOOD!!!!, the setting all TipTop. If we had to pick one place we would pick here. We felt right at home, comofrtable and relaxed. We could have happily stayed here the whole time - but then I think we would have exhausted Plet !!!

Amakhala Reed Valley Inn 5

The safari was the experience of lifetime but this is based on the accomodation aspect. We were in this 200 year old building with a lot of the original fittings and it was absolutely brilliant. You have to accept that he floors might creek, the door might be a bit rickety but 200 years of SA weather would do that. There was a lady caklled Claire (I think) who was extremely helpful - especially when we ran out of batteries - and it was a lovely place to retreat to after a full day of safari and a big dinner on top.

Amakhala Woodbury Tented Camp 5

We had our reservations about this plae but WOW what an experience. Talk about being in the thick of it!!! I could see Giraffe from the 'terrace' we had and the tent was extremely comfortable - a Luxury Tent if such a thing were to exist. A really fun place to end on because it made the safari seem a bit more genuine. The staff and the guides were lovely and it was a lot of fun (except the spider incident where I yelped like a girl)

Staff Review 5

Claire has a very friendly, professional and helpful approach to dealing with queries and questions - believe us when we say we had a fair few. Having somebody readily available who can assist in all manners of the holiday, even going so far as to recommend specific things for us to do and see, was invaluable. Whats more, because it would appear that Claire has actually been to SA quite regularly all of what she had to say came with a genuine 'seal of approval' which made us feel very at ease and confident about everything we had planned.