Review by: Mr Skye Van Heyzen

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5 30/04/2013

Overall Impressions

Where to begin... the accomodation (once fixed - please refer to review of accommodation) was very good (despite not receiving things promised in our package). The view was brilliant, and the facilities within the room were great. The beach at the hotel and surrounding hotels was superbly kept and well to simply it is a paradise island. The other facilities provided included snorkeling, which also was amazing, they had a great diversity considering how small there reef is. We took 2 tours whilst there - one private tour and another with a group. Both trips were well worth the money spent as we learnt a lot about the culture of the island, the geography and the history. The Mauritours guides were very knowledgeable and approachable which was fantastic. Moreover, the guides also went above and beyond to make sure that we experienced everything we wanted to whilst on the tours. Then there was the food... wow... awesome food with a great diversity from if you wanted just a plain pizza to an exotic Mauritian seafood platter it was available. To complement this there was also a great diversity drinks, from there fantastic local beer to some impressive cocktails. The candle light dinner (as provided with the package) was also a night to remember. The service and food was again above and beyond. We also had two meals at Le Chateau (part of the Heritage group). These were amazing, particularly the last one which was a Mauritian evening. The food I would say ranks up there with some of the best (and I have eaten at Michelin acclaimed restaurants), and the atmosphere was truly exquisite and one of a kind.

Countries Visited

Mauritius 5

What a place. We highly recommend anyone who has not been needs to go. So much to see and do. Whether you're more into the rainforests, the cities, the beaches, or the ocean there is something for everyone. We went on a tour of the the north - Grand bay, SSR botanical garden in Pamplemousse, Aveture-du-sucre and Port Louis. We learnt and saw so much. The guide at Mauritours went above and beyond and we cannot thank him and the toud operator enough. Truly an amazing day. We also went on a tour of the south - Trou aux Cerfs, Curepipe, Sacred lakes, Black river gorge, and Le Chamarel (incl Seven coloured earths). This trip was a long day but completely worth it. We saw some amazing things and again learnt a bit more about Mauritius and its people. We also spent time around out hotel and did some snorkeling which was also fantastic despite it only being a small reef and not one considered to be one of the best. So not only did we have a great snorkel, but this also installed a sense of desire to go and snorkel in other areas of Mauritius.

Accommodation Visited

Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort 4

Overall the accommodation was very good (but you don't give that option and there were some problems). Firstly, and we know it is something small, but we were promised as part of our package that we would receive a small gift of "Seasonal fruits & a bottle of wine", however this never arrived. I was quite disappointed at this as it was promised as part of the package, and considering the amount of money I spent I would have hope that this would have been delivered. The other problem we had was not completely the hotels fault. There was a situation where the people staying above us left the tap on by accident. It was an accident as for a portion of a morning there was no cold water and so they must have forgotten which way the tap closed. The problem arose when the water from upstairs started to leak from our ceiling onto our bathroom floor and was looking to start leaking in the clothing cupboard. The hotel firstly never informed us as to what was going on - I had to persist to find out. Then they said it would stop but it seemed that the problem was only getting worse and only after my 3rd phone call did they decide that it was ok to move us to another nearby room. We really felt that considering the money we were spending with them and the fact that they were supposed to be so good, that they might have acted more promptly and and more appropriately. Now I know this doesn't set up a good image of the hotel ,but really apart from these things the hotel was brilliant. The staff were helpful and friendly, the facilities at the hotel were great, and the food was awesome. I would say that we were very happy that we were full board and recommend this option, as if we had to pay for lunch and drinks the costs definitely add up. The locality of the hotel was also very nice. We had some days with a bit of wind (but then we had caught the edge of a cyclone), but generally speaking the wind was a bit of a blessing as some days when the sun belted down it would have been extremely hot and burning without the wind. Overall despite some issues we would still choose to go back to this hotel, it was lovely.

Staff Review 5

Nikki has been one of a kind. Her service has always made me feel like i was her only customer. Great attention to detail. Always willing to help. Always was clear about the options and what the hidden costs would be and what i could and could not expect. Just simply brilliant!