Review by: Alistair Jackson

Overall Impressions

The holiday was utterly amazing. We saw the most amazing sights - from sitting on the edge of Livingston Island, to a lioness & her cubs walking towards us through the early morning sun, to elephants crossing the river in front of us, to watching dolphins & whales playing in the surf from our room balcony. But what really made the holiday so enjoyable was the smooth organisation of it all. At every point there was someone waiting to greet us and help us through to the next 'change over'. Everyone was helpful, friendly, accommodating, informed.... it was completely stress free and the most incredible holiday experience

Countries Visited


The countryside is beautiful. Hadn't anticipated such a wide variety or views. We had hoped to see a lot of animals, but hadn't really expected the countryside to be so varied and breathtaking. In Chobe, the sun rising over the plains and glinting off the river; in Sandibe, the tall grasses and the smell of wild sage, or suddenly coming across a river with green gass and birds & animals everywhere.... fell in love with the openness, the wide clear skies at night and day. And seeing the Okavanga Delta from the air in the small airplane was a real bonus


Mozambique was a real eye opener for us. Being by the sea was great after the land locked plains of Botswana and to see Dolphins & Whales so easily from the beach, incredible. But we would really like to go back and explore more of what Mozambique has to offer.

South Africa

We really only got to see the inside of an airport! Can't really comment on this too much - except that the hotel staff were very pleasant


We loved the Victoria Falls... The highlight for us has got to be Livingston Island - walking to the edge of the falls & sitting in the Devil's Pool with all the water falling around us is an experience I don't think any of us will forget. Seeing it from the air in a helicopter was well worth the money too.

Accommodation Visited

The Royal Livingstone Hotel by Anantara

Beautiful luxury hotel in the most perfect location to enjoy the Victoria Falls. Helpful staff, wonderful service, comfortable and incredibly beautiful

Chobe Under Canvas

The camp staff at Chobe Under Canvas were wonderful. They made us feel so welcome and part of a family. The food was utterly superb (considering it was cooked in a camp kitchen!), the tents were incredibly comfortable and despite the wind & dust, always clean & tidy. And Doshi, our guide, was First Class - always seemed to know where to go, always seemed to get in the best position for the best photographs, and seemed to know everything about everything. Couldn't have asked for a better guide.

Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

Again - completely different to all the other accommodation we stayed in but oh so lovely. The rooms were beautiful and the view from our raised balconies, wonderful. The staff at the Lodge were fanstastic.... Judy was so kind and friendly; the singing and dancing at night was great fun; and our surprise picnic in the most beautiful setting was a real treat. The food was - again - utterly delicious. And the electric blanket was a real treat ;)

InterContinental Johannesburg O.R. Tambo Airport

For an airport hotel this was great - fantastic location, wonderful facilities, helpful staff.

White Pearl Resorts

As with all the other resorts, all the staff were helpful and friendly - always smiling! The resort itself is in the most beautiful of settings, but the interior design is breathtaking. It's so light and airy and serene - a completely different feel to all the other resorts on this holiday. The road transfer from the small airstrip to the resort is very bumpy and did challenge a couple of less hardy passengers but allowed us to see a little of the local area. The food here too, was always delicious and varied.

Staff Review

Claire was wonderful. Not only did she put together a seamless holiday itinerary for us to provide different experiences at each step, but she kept us informed in the lead up to the holiday with changing visa requirements, last minute changes to the itinerary - even down to advising on what clothes to pack, whether our bags were suitable and whether hair straighteners were a necessity or a luxury! She was efficient and helpful and - bearing in mind this is the first time we have ever done a holiday like this - was extremely patient with all our questions and made sure we were prepared so we could relax and enjoy every day.