Review by: Mr Mukesh Desai

Overall Impressions

All the facilities were very nice. We were treated very well at every stay. The tour drivers were very polite and friendly. We had a very good time during our tour.

Countries Visited

Accommodation Visited

Hotel Africana

Excellent accomodation. The stay at Queen Elizabeth Park in needed some improvement. ( May be you should arrange a better place there.

Kibale Safari Lodge

excellent staff and excellent service. Wonderful location.

Ishasha Ntungwe Tree Lion Safari Lodge

Need some improvement. May be a different location would have been better.

Lake Kitandara Bwindi Camp

Excellent service. Very courteous people. First day there was no hot water, but they fixed the issue next day.

The Boma Entebbe

Very nice place. In the middle of the city. Very convenient location.Very nice service.

Kambi Ya Tembo

Great location and very friendly staff. The service was excellent. Everyone there was very eager to make our stay comfortable.

Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp

Great view of the lake. Nice facilities. Excellent staff.

Serengeti Kati Kati Tented Camp

Very good place. Kind of remote, but nice once we reached there. Nice staff.

Ngorongoro Farm House

The best stay. Very nice facilities. Enjoyed the views and the farm and food. Very nice ambiance.

Staff Review

Everyone we talked to at the office was very professional, polite and friendly. They answered all our queries promptly to our satisfaction. All the calls were answered very quickly and with a very professional manners. Thank you to each person for making the tour very memorable.