Review by: Delphine Demazel & Fares Tellia

Overall Impressions

We really appreciated the quality of the service everywhere we went. The staff was so welcoming, caring and professional. We absolutely loved our safari during which we had the chance to see the Big 5 and 2 crossings of 100s of Wildebeests! We then really enjoyed chilling out in the little paradise of Zanzibar. We even had the chance to see and swim with dolphins! We enjoyed less our flights with Kenya Airways as the staff was not nice (especially on our way in) and the food was not good.

Countries Visited


The Masai Mara is really amazing! We loved our game drive, the one walking safari we went on, and the visit of a Masai village. People were welcoming, caring and professional (except on the flights with Kenya Airways)!


We only stayed in Zanzibar. The island is beautiful, and Stone Town is really interesting. Roads are quite bad and bumpy and taxi drivers do not have good cars for these, so it takes a while to reach the hotel and go anywhere. In addition, unfortunately the corruption is everywhere and obvious. We saw it with taxi drivers having to pay the police regularly when driving us around. We also had a really bad experience at the airport because we did not have cash to pay this new 'tax' and 1 guy in charge of the luggages asked us for a baksheesh to carry our suitcases to the airplane. The airport and Kenya Airways staff in Zanzibar did not treat us well (they were really rude).

Accommodation Visited

Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp

The service was amazing. Our safari guide was really great, passionate and he really wanted us to have a great experience! The rest of the staff was also very nice and professional. The tent was great (room no 29), and it was located far from the reception and restaurant so it was really quiet and nice. We also really enjoyed the romantic dinner organised for the 2 of us near the pool!

Palacina The Residence & The Suites

Our hotel in Nairobi was the Sankara hotel (and not Palacina Suites). The hotel was well located, and the room was really comfortable. The staff was also very helpful and we enjoyed the complimentary bottle of wine. The breakfast was amazing!

Kasha Boutique Hotel

The resort was like a little paradise. We are very glad for requesting to Adam to book a room facing the sea as it made our experience really unique! We had the suite no 8 (that I really recommend as it is one of the best located). We enjoyed staying around our private little swimming pool. The evening food was really delicious. We also really enjoyed visiting Stone Town, and snorkelling (as we even saw and swam with dolphins). New management (as we understood management changed few months ago) is really professional and helpful.

Staff Review

Adam was always really helpful and he organised the honeymoon of our dreams! He understood perfectly well the kind of holidays we wanted to enjoy, and he always answered promptly to our requests. The camp and hotels selected were perfect, and Adam even changed our hotel in Nairobi when he's been notified that some refurbishments were scheduled during our stay by the 1st hotel selected. We would have liked reducing our transit time at Nairobi airport when we came back from Zanzibar (we waited more than 5 hours in the transit area, and realised, by talking to other guests at Kasha Boutique, that we could have left later from Zanzibar and waited less than 2 hours for our flight back to London). We also had a problem at Zanzibar airport as Adam confirmed to me that we did not need to pay their new tax ($48/pers), because we booked our flights prior to the introduction of this tax... However, they did not want to let us go without paying. We did not have enough cash and the airport cash machines did not work, so our time at the airport was really really stressfull (as we thought they would not let us go). Finally, we were a bit disappointed by the Honeymoney service as we expected receiving a notification everytime a guest made a gift. I had to ask to Adam if anyone made a gift (as our friends asked if we get their little messages).