Review by: Sergio Pratas Vieira Goncalves da Silva

Overall Impressions

The Safari experience was absolutely amazing, nice place, nice scenery, amazing hotel with nice staff

Countries Visited


Excellent for the Safari experience not so great as a beach destination

Accommodation Visited


Amazing Hotel, very good accommodation in the perfect location and with friendly and competent staff. Food also very good. An experience to repeat

Breezes Beach Club & Spa

Not the best beach destination, staff not very friendly but good quality accommodation and food

Staff Review

All the information provided was excellent without feeling intrusive, good advice. The only problem faced was on my trip back, it wasn't possible to do the check in on the flight and the transfer to the airport was late making almost impossible for me to check in...after some tough discussions at the airport everything was sorted, however more time in-between flights should be required to avoid problems