Review by: Anonymous

Overall Impressions

Everything was perfect. Donna Flynn was the person that took care of my honeymoon and she was always fast in responding my emails as well as taking care of all my considerations. I was quoting with several agencies, Mahlatini wasn't the cheapest, but the customer service won me =). I can't forget of Lawrence, the driver, a gentleman that guided us very well during the whole trip!

Countries Visited


I'm in love with Kenya and I want to go back! Kilimanjaro, the lions and Entim Camp made me feel so amazed that I almost can't believe it was true! It's a great emotion to be able to see a big cat face to face! I couldn't get tired of the Safaris, I could have stayed there for a couple more weeks only watching lions every day, it's just magnificent!

Accommodation Visited

Kilima Safari Camp

I told Donna that I wanted to see Kilimanjaro from my Camp and I was surprised with the tent they provided my, simply with a magnificent view that I couldn't believe! Everybody in Amboseli where very friendly. I had the security looking after my camera while it stayed outside taking photos automatically, he was so nice and seemed to be doing his job with love!

The Ark

Wow! It was an amazing experience. Better than I could have imagined. The hotel look and feel is just so cozy! It's so different from Amboseli that I felt like I was not in Kenya, the wood atmosphere reminded me a ski resort or something like that! Perfect!

Lake Nakuru Lodge

Again I had an awesome room with great view of the Lake!

Entim Camp

My favorite accommodation. We arrived there under a bit of rain, but the Indiana Jones style tents was a dream come true! The location by the river full of hippos and the no fence made the experience even richer! Everything was perfect and I was even received with a bottle of whine on my room as a welcome guest. I just want to go back asap!

Eka Hotel

Excellent hotel and food! I was very well welcome in transit there!

Staff Review

The best possible! I've never had such a great customer relationship on a travel agency. Donna is awesome!