Review by: Mrs Jillian Schellenberg

Overall Impressions

Highlights: Rising before first light, delicious light breakfasts with copious coffee, before boarding our trusty landrovers for the morning adventure. Seeing glistening hippos leave their daytime watery home and making their way beside my room, at dusk, along their well-trodden paths for the evening grazing.(At Vumbura Plains it was a hippo and her baby). The chorus of teeny little reed frogs swelling to a crescendo as dusk advanced. Mokoro trip through the water-lilies when a large young giraffe splashed through the shallows just a few yards from the silent little craft. And of course all the game and birds we saw - felt so blessed to inhabit the same planet

Countries Visited


Absolutely fascinating. I was glad that I had read about the history before my visit. The people I met were so welcoming and friendly but they would rather not talk about the bushmen. Dollars were good for tips - but GBP and even ZAR were accepted in the Lodge shops.

Accommodation Visited

Kalahari Plains Camp

A classic camp, it was comfortable and I loved watching the antelope and birds from my verandah. A severe storm brought water bubbling up through the slatted floorboards of the bathroom and everything, clothes on shelves and bed included, felt damp and sticky. I didn't like the salty water for showering at all but I recognise it is the Kalahari and it was the rainy season. Staff (especially Obi), guide and food were all great. Never managed though to have water in the thermos that was hot enough for tea! But there was plenty of lovely cold drinking water.

Kings Pool Camp

Absolutely beautiful and very chic. Loved the plunge pool and the little gazebo perched over the reeds (oh to be young again, it was so romantic), the views across the Pool, the evening boat trip on 'Queen Sylvia', all the staff and guide Ndebo were excellent and always good-humoured and charming. The meals were a real treat - stylish choices.Exciting sightings of all kinds of game. Bliss: I would love to visit again. LOTS of elephants.

Vumbura Plains

Another fabulous room in an exciting and stylish lodge with a great ambience. The food here too was delicious. Guide Ban was very experienced and good. Amazing landrover with a snorkel felt amphibious as there we splashed along through waterways with no sign of anything solid underneath. A lot of driving over small trees too which I enjoyed less than Ban though he assured me that they spring back! All staff were great - including Millie and Hamish, the beautiful Candy who showed me how to tie her intricate headscarfs, and the sparkling Ona. Watched a well-fed family of lions relaxing for ages. Hyaenas CAN be cute - a mother watched fondly as her own two puppies played with another pair she was obviously babysitting.

Staff Review

Extremely helpful as I had a number of queries! Adam came up with a perfect solution and I loved my trip. Another time I think I would rather spend more than two nights in any location. Time goes too fast and because of the need to get to airstrips it would have been more relaxing to have longer!(The flights are fun in themselves though) Oh - and the 2hour 40 minute flight Maun/Cape Town apparently does not exist. An old Botswana hand on the plane said no-one has seen anything of the jet for ages so its the twin-prop plane and therefore a four-hour flight. Enjoyed it all none-the-less