Review by: Elizabeth & Allan MacDonald

Overall Impressions

Tongabezi Lodge was simply fabulous with location, amenities and service levels marked on the highest possible scale. It was not the best time to go game viewing but the trackers at Simbambili worked very hard and produced four of the Big Five - excellent

Countries Visited

South Africa

Cape Town is an amazing experience with food, facilities and infrastructure all matching up to expectations. Wonderful and great value.


Having lived there for over seven years I had some trepidation about my return after more than 30 years. The standard of service at every touch point was amazing as was the infrastructure. Whilst the Victoria Falls has to be the highlight, even more was the attitude of the people. Zambia really deserves to be a top tourist attraction.

Accommodation Visited

More Quarters Apartment Hotel

This was an excellent base and the quality of accommodation was very good: service levels were excellent.

Simbambili Game Lodge

Accommodation and service levels were excellent with staff all being of the highest quality

Tongabezi Lodge

Simply the best holiday experience ever. I could not find fault with any aspect and am eagerly looking forward to my next visit.

Staff Review

Service was very good and the criticism that follows should be taken in context as, otherwise, a ranking of excellent would have been achieved. 1. The transfer times (almost four hours each way) between airport and Simbambili should have been highlighted and the alternative of a private aircraft offered. 2. There was a very long wait at Johannesburg and an earlier flight was possible (although not sure if available. Whether or not a better option was to fly from Lusaka I do not know but I am not sure that it was considered.