Review by: N & B - The Honeymooners

Countries Visited:
South Africa
Holiday Type:
5 05/05/2014

Overall Impressions

Some of the highlights were the personal touches that the staff did to our rooms while we were there because Mahlatini told them ahead of time that it was our honeymoon. Unfortunately Thanda Tented Camp did not give us any welcome drinks or welcome letter/card but we found out on the trip when meeting two gentlemen that they indeed received a letter in their tent that was addressed to us. Besides that though we expected nothing and when we arrived to Thonga Beach Lodge they knew immediately that it was our honeymoon and surprised us with free champagne and a massage for two. That was very sweet and adorable. Last but not least at Oyster Box in Durban, they put rose petals all over the bed and in the bathroom which was quite romantic. There are so many highlights that we cannot begin to touch on all of them but those special moments and memories that we made because of those small touches made a huge impression for us. So thank you so very much!

Countries Visited

South Africa 5

There are so many fabulous things to say about South Africa. Most of the people we met were very friendly and the areas that we visited were so economically friendly. Everyone is very aware of conserving the earth's precious assets including solar power and recycling. The experience that we had in South Africa far surpasses any other vacation we've ever taken! Definitely worth the many hours of research and the money as it was the trip of a lifetime! It is different if you are from the USA as the customs, traditions, and food is different but if you are ready for an adventure and willing to go out of the box, this trip will not disappoint you!

Accommodation Visited

Thanda Tented Camp 5

Thanda Tented Camp was lovely. The staff was helpful and very friendly. Unfortunately because we arrived a bit after 4:00pm and the safari drive already began, we were not given a tour or debriefed of the area. Thus we also did not receive welcome drinks. Instead they gave us the option of either going to find out driver so we can enjoy the rest of the game drive or go straight to the room. We decided to go on the drive so they met up with our driver so we could join. As mentioned previously, we did not receive a welcome letter/card but we found out on the trip when meeting two gentlemen that they indeed received a letter in their tent that was addressed to us. We thought that was quite odd and not sure why we never received that letter the entire trip. Other than that, the food and service was fantastic.

Thonga Beach Lodge 5

Thonga Beach Lodge was amazing as well. It started by a tour of the property and welcome drinks that were quite tasty. Then when we got into our room as I previously mentioned, there was a free bottle of champagne there with a letter addressed to us. It was so thoughtful and touching to see them attend to their guests like that. The free massage for two was also useful and very nice of them to offer to us. The staff was friendly and helpful and the food was excellent. The beach was amazing and private and we couldn't have asked for anything better.

The Oyster Box Hotel 5

The Oyster Box Hotel was wonderful. Upon arrival we mentioned that it was our honeymoon as they did not know but they were quite nice in remembering since that evening after dinner we walked into our room that was decorated in roses all over the bed with a trail to the bathroom. It was so lovely and magnificent as we had never experienced something like that. The food was excellent and the nearby shopping areas and restaurants were great as well. The staff was pleasant and helpful. Skabenga was our favorite memory of The Oyster Box Hotel. We are big cat fans and missing our own back home so to see Skabenga just hang out in a hotel gave that place the most unique but awesome feeling that we've ever seen in a nice hotel like that. It definitely was pretty cool.

Staff Review 5

Donna Flynn was an amazing help and without her, we would not have been well informed about our trip and wouldn't have known what to expect. We are forever grateful to her for helping answer all our questions, no matter how many we asked and how bothersome we became, she was always there directing us every step of the way until the final booking process. Even afterwards when we had to tweak our booking in regards to an unfortunate circumstance, she was just as helpful. Everyone we came into contact from Mahlatini was also outstanding! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!