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Overall Impressions

Dulini Lodge was beautiful and we had a fantastic and very enthusiastic ranger and tracker - Fred and Martin. Benguerra Island was an amazing natural unspoilt paradise. It felt like having our own desert island. As for their food - wow.

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Accommodation Visited

Dulini Lodge

The rooms are immaculate and customer care is good. OUr ranger and tracker (Fred and Martin) were exceptional. The only area that could be improved is the food. It is very nice but unfortunately does pale to other safari lodges who really pull out all the stops when it comes to their menus. The owners need to be careful that the level of service does not dip when they are not around. It is not entirely clear who is 'in charge' when they are not there.

Lion Sands River Lodge

The lodge is in a beautiful location and the rooms are lovely. The quality of the game drives was much lower here than at Dulini. This is probably a good recommendation for those new to safaris but I would not recommend the lodge to more experienced safari goers because of the quality of the drives compared to the northern sabi lodges.

Benguerra Island Lodge

Gorgeous, Beautiful and Friendly Staff. Cannot find fault with this place. If you want a hut on the beach to wake up to the waves - you couldn't do better.

Staff Review

Donna was very accommodating and helpful. She was exceptionally patient at looking at different itinerary options with us. Only comment I would make is that we were waitlisted for Benguerra for quite a period of time. Whilst we were there the maximum no of guests were 6 and at most times there were only 4 of us. We wondered as a result why the waitlisting was required!!