Review by: Ms Rose Marie Sime

Countries Visited:
South Africa
Holiday Type:
5 05/12/2011

Overall Impressions

I loved every minute of it. I thought Capetown was amazing. The hotel we stayed at was very nice. It was called the Commodore I believe and it was located near the Waterfront. The safaris were amazing and our time in Johannesburg was also pleasurable. If I had more money and time I would be back on another trip!!

Countries Visited

South Africa 5

I loved it. I did not think it was so developed and so clean and there were no potholes on the roads. My conclusion is that I was very ignorant about the country. The level of developement I foundw as far superior to what I had anticipated and the quality of the food was excellent. In terms of crime, we have traveled extensively through the developing world and we never felt unsafe but we exercised good judgment and kept valuables hidden etc.

Accommodation Visited

Arathusa Safari Lodge 5

I loved it. The only issue my sister had was that we - all the guests- were expected to eat together in one big communal dining table and that did not go well with my sister. I frankly did not care.

Safari Club SA 4

It was good but the wairesses kept getting the orders mixed up and it was very funny but some other tourists were annoyed and I could see why. A couple next to us got th4e dessert before the main dish. But the cooking was definitely home cooking and it was very good.

Hippo Hollow Country Estate 5

No complaints. Ir eaaly liked it and the food was very good.

The PortsWood Hotel 5

Ok so this is the hotel we stayed at. I had already forgotten its name. The staff were friendly and helpful. It was very clean and the location was perfect very close to the Waterfront and so we walked to the stores and restaurants and banks etc

Staff Review 5

She was very polite and very pleasant to work with and answered all my questions which were many.