Review by: Erin Solis

Countries Visited:
Botswana, Mozambique & South Africa
Holiday Type:
5 22/10/2014

Overall Impressions

Simply amazing! From the seat selection on our long haul flights to the excellent selection of a convenient airport hotel, to the carefully crafte itinerary of luxury camps and resorts, our experience was simply flawless. The experience that Nikki specially tailored for us was truly custom built to exceed our expectations. Quite simply we have never experienced such a high level of customer service from booking on through to the honeymoon experience and even upon our return. Everything about the trip was top notch. Even the planning process was fun and creative as Nikki was endlessly patient with our questions. Superbly done, Mahlatini!

Countries Visited

Botswana 5

The Delta defies words. The sunrises and sunsets stir your soul. Truly a voyage to the land of Eden. The wildness of it all brings you back to your roots and the essence of you. Despite my office job, I managed to tap back into feeling truly free, wild and alive.

Mozambique 5

The heli ride into the resort is an unforgettable experience. Also, waking up in bed, and looking out to the ocean-- being able to see dolphins frolicking and whales breaching in the distance, from bed, whilst sipping coffee, is an outrageously rare and unique treat. For the first time in my life, I woke every morning pumped to run along miles of open beach (without seeing a soul) while whales and dolphins kept me company. I am an equestrian and the resort arranged a private ride for me-- the guide let me determine the pace and we galloped faster than I have ever galloped in my life down the beach. Absolutely outrageously amazing. Truly a pearl.

South Africa 5

All that I can is that the airport and accomodations were quite nice. We didn't actually explore Johannesburg given how exhausted we were from the safari life. Excited to go back and explore!

Accommodation Visited

Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp 5

Nxabega was truly a special place. Our tent was simple yet luxurious and the custom experience crafted by our guide, KD and tracker Richard, was unforgettable. Our Butler, Kitso, took incredible care of us-- we were so sad to leave. The food was divine and the unique dinner settings, which were ever changing, added a fun twist to the day. It was an intimate camp and it was certainly our favorite of the three.

Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp 5

The tents were beyond luxurious-- we felt like we were living a dream. The boat ride to the camp was one of the most memorable experiences. The setting of this camp is truly unique. Perhaps because we only stayed the one night, we did not find that the service or the food was up to par with that of Nxabega. The service and food were still excellent at Xaranna but Nxabega just took it to the next level. The guides at Xaranna seemed most interested in locating lions (which we had seen at Nxabega many times) and we were find to go along with it-- but after (2) four hour game drives, their efforts seemed fruitless, which didn't bother us in the least, but did seem to bother the guides. We had a great time and a great adventure regardless. It did seem, however, that there was significantly more wildlife at Nxabega than at Xaranna-- at least during the game drives. Animals in their water environment were teeming at Xaranna but the game drives were rather desolate. It was the reverse experience at Nxabega. We loved Xaranna too! Particularly Seren the manager. She opened some special bottles of wine which was such a welcome treat!

OR Tambo City Lodge 4

This place was so convenient-- we didn't even have to leave the hotel. For an airport hotel, this place was extraordinary. I would absolutely recommend that travelers with a 24 hour layover be directed to this hotel. It was perfect and suited our needs.

White Pearl Resorts 5

White Pearl -- where to begin. We were helicoptered into the resort and hand delivered to the most perfect beach front casita with its own plunge pool. It was 6 nights of heaven. The food and service, again, were truly outstanding. Our Butler, Jorge, and Server, Aderito, were gems. The staff arranged whatever activity you asked-- I wanted to learn the Mozambican dances and they arranged a club night for us! A++++ service. The weather was so so, lots of grey days, which proved helpful for relaxing. But we did grow a bit restless by about day 5-6. Perhaps a slightly shorter stay would have done just fine. It was too rough to dive, and not really ideal beach weather, so much time was spent reading and napping. I'm sure that there was much else to do, but the staff was respectful and did not "push" activities. The vibe there is so unique-- we befriended the staff and played volleyball and danced all evening. It was such a great and fun experience. The cesna flight to Maputo was a bit harrowing but fun.

Staff Review 5

Nikki is a gem. She was endlessly patient, creative, and has an obvious knack for anticipating our travel desires, needs and honeymoon wishes. Her execution from planning to follow-up was flawless. When we return to Africa, she will certainly be the resource to which I turn. I cannot sing her praises enough!