Review by: Mr Alan Molloy

Overall Impressions

Highlights: Out on safari, driving amongst a herd of elephants enjoying their tea, having an ice cold Castle beer in the bush whilst the sun goes down, monkeys stealing fruit from our balcony and posing for pictures afterwards, watching a multitude of wild life drinking from the water below our balcony, seeing a female lion being moody after being rejected for mating season. Far too many more to list!

Countries Visited


Mauritius was a beautiful place, but as mentioned above, i would have liked to have seen more of it, but the main adventure option on the island, we got to experience so this made our trip, and leaves us with fantastic memories of the country

South Africa

South Africa was by far the best place we have ever visited and cannot wait to return! South Africa is possibly one of the only places in the world I would be comfortable to move to and call home. One day i would like to retire to South Africa. It was perfect. Everything was perfect.

Accommodation Visited

Thornybush Game Lodge

Thorny bush was an absolute delight. could not have asked for any more. everybody was very polite, friendly, helpful and could not do enough for us. Also the level of appreciation for the tip we left was lovely, couldn't be thanked enough! The food was the best i have ever experienced anywhere, a very wide variety and introduction to many new fantastic foods and local cuisines, one particular dish that i have had to learn to cook for the wife! Successfully i might add! I have looked to go back to thorny bush on a number of occasions already, we are desperate to return. Our Ranger Mike Lentz was excellent, knowledgeable and a genuinely all round lovely person. We have kept in touch since arriving home.

Angsana Balaclava Mauritius

The hotel was beautiful, had a lovely time. The only things to mention were that the hotel was a bit isolated, although this was a plus in some ways, it would have been nice to be a bit closer to explore more of the island, but the remote location really was enjoyable once we had adjusted to the level of relaxation we needed to, i think if we had gone to Mauritius before Africa, we would have enjoyed it a bit more, as Africa filled us with adrenaline. The hotel reception staff were extremely helpful in arranging trips for us, and we visited a wildlife sanctuary type place where we went on a walk with the lions, and got to interact with them as well as interaction with cheetah too. Life changing experiences and in my opinion, the most attractive adventure available on the island. We have some amazing photographs to go with our memories from this day. The food in the hotel was, at times, fantastic, but very limited menus each day, heavily based on seafood which was disappointing to a small extent as neither of us are a fan of seafood, but there was always something else to get us by. The restaurant dress code was a disappointment however, i was told i could not enter in dress shorts and had to have long trousers, where as on all but one or two occasions, there were multiple other couples, mainly Asian, who were allowed into the dining area wearing pajamas or track suit bottoms and scruffy t-shirts. I did not mind having to obey a dress code, but did feel that there was a double standard going against us Overall the trip to Mauritius was a fantastic life experience, but i am not sure we would return to the same area, maybe try a different part of the island.

Staff Review

Absolute perfection. We could not have asked for any better service at any point. Thank you.