Review by: Anonymous

Countries Visited:
Kenya & Seychelles
Holiday Type:
5 16/11/2014

Overall Impressions

We had an absolutely wonderful time. We were mesmerized by the Masai Mara and struck by the beauty of the Seychelles. Mahlatini made our trip very easy to plan--all we had to do was show up! Every where we went, drivers were waiting to take us to our next destination.

Countries Visited

Kenya 5

We really enjoyed the Masai Mara. Nairobi was a bit of a sensory assault, as we are used to cities that impose more stringent air pollution requirements, and found the air rather difficult to breathe at times.

Seychelles 5

The driving here is a really intense experience! We don't recommend renting cars to other Americans.

Accommodation Visited

Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp 5

This place is amazing. The lodgings were incredibly lux and the food outstanding. Everyone who worked there was friendly and helpful; one night, the staff set a romantic candle-lit rose petal sprinkled table for us for dinner. It was so unexpected and beautiful. Our safari guide, Jackson, was extremely knowledgeable and we were pleased with the extra excursions available here, including the river hike, the escarpment hike, a bird-spotting walk, and the morning hot air balloon ride. We really, really enjoyed our stay.

House of Waine 4

Our suite was absolutely beautiful, but Jenny encountered a piece of broken glass embedded in the carpet with her bare foot, which then bled profusely. Our room was also loud at night because it was right near the stairs and main door. Apart from those two things, we enjoyed it.

Constance Ephelia Seychelles 4

Constance Ephelia is perfectly located, along a gorgeous beach. We liked being so close to the water. The downsides were that we never felt like we could get enough drinking water delivered to our room, and while the food is good, the lack of providing any drinks at dinner (even just water) hit a rather sour note with us. We also encountered a rather dodgy situation when we tried one of the local hikes to a nearby waterfall, only to be lead off on a side route by a local who told us the waterfall is no longer publicly-available (we stopped trying to hike there after learning it is now private property). It would have been helpful to have more accurate information on that particular item.

Staff Review 4

We chose "good" rather than "excellent" only because our packet that delivered our final information was delayed, which was rather stressful as we were still awaiting its arrival the week of our wedding. We also had one email of final questions that I don't believe was answered, though I'm not sure it had any material effect on our enjoyment of the trip.