Review by: Ashleigh Jones & Marcus Bray

Overall Impressions

Overall organisation and detail was very good, with the exception of 1- being told we were sat separately on the Plane to Cape Town, following 3 visits to the information desk and a plea at the boarding desk, we were moved together! 2 - the Mauritius experience

Countries Visited

South Africa

Cape Town was fantastic, although the power cut for the final 18 hours of our stay at the Cape Royale was very disappointing. We understood that it was not anything to do with the South African power outage issues, but one of failure to pay the electricity bill!


our All inclusive provision was very unclear and anything but that, finding ourselves - often, not knowing whether we would be paying for something whether that be food, drink or an activity

Accommodation Visited

Cape Royale

An excellent hotel with a superb room and friendly helpful staff, however with major refurbishment not completed, we found ourselves going next door for breakfast and meals. Following the power failure the management ran out of torches and candles leaving us literally in the dark for the final 13 hours of our stay and having to use our mobile phones for light until our 6am departure!

Ngala Tented Camp

World Class. We will be going again and have nothing but praise. A brilliant, brilliant experience

Maritim Hotel Mauritius

1- We arrived late (10.30pm ish)and were left waiting 20 minutes before we could get to our rooms A rushed arrival introduction to the hotel and our package 2 - Poor information in the rooms on what was included in the "all-inclusive" package. No menus' for each of the 4 restaurants that were "NOT" part of the deal. Each restaurant did have a subsidy against them, however we had no means of identifying what that meant, until we tried it and ended up having to pay for a "Pizza" on our second night, resulting in us staying in the one restaurant for the rest of the week. Menus and pricing were not displayed at each restaurant either. 3 - The hotel did NOT accept tailored shorts in any restaurant at any time. I travelled with one pair of Jeans on the plane with 6 pairs of shorts! As you can imagine not best please. Worse still, the "Wedding meal" at the hotels premier restaurant - The Chateau" did not accept Jeans of any description t any time and so we could not go there for our meal and had to have it at an alternative location. The food was fantastic, although the experience tarnished. 4 - For a supposed 5* hotel, the beach area was a grubby, with some cabling showing, rubbish lying around, missing ash trays & shoddy parasols. The place looked tired. We spoke with another couple who were staying on a "Virgin Holiday" and they said the resort was promoted as a 4* and not 5*, which definitely reflected our experience.

Staff Review

Nikki has done a great job putting together our package with everything running like clockwork, however with the poor experience in Mauritius - particularly with information provided, we have dropped the score to 4