Review by: Anonymous

Overall Impressions

Would do it again but with some small changes. Had a wonderful time.

Countries Visited

South Africa

Love South Africa - had been before - just wish Johannesburg was a nicer city - did not feel comfortable spending any time there with our children and grandchildren.


Did not spend enough time in Zimbabwe to give it a score. Only time spent was by family visiting Victoria Falls.


Were told about how stable it is but we really don't have much to compare it with since we only saw game parks.

Accommodation Visited

OR Tambo City Lodge

Fine for one night - bit of a hike from the airport carrying luggage when you are already tired from a long airplane ride. Maybe some trolley from the Lodge would have helped.

The Elephant Camp

Was disappointed in the cleanliness of the room - dirt on the curtains and walls and ants on the coffee service bar - cookies were stale. April & Victoria also had bugs (maybe they should spray more often and not just leave the spray in the room for you to take care of). Bed was made up nice and clean as were the bathroom but the lack of detail to the rest of the room was evident. Felt there was not enough offered for our 8 year old and myself at 71 - the rest of the group went on the Sylvester walk but we were left to entertain ourselves and of course it was too cold for the pool. The trip to see the elephants was ok but mainly they are pushing the ride and it was far too long and too expensive for us. We did find out later they could have arranged something else shorter for Victoria. We didn't see any management about the place so it was good we didn't have questions.

Muchenje Safari Lodge

Went out of their way to be accommodating and friendly. Insisted that I see their town doctor regarding a cough before I went into the delta; Doctor couldn't have been more helpful. Safari's were great. Eating with the staff was unusual but interesting; felt like they enjoyed our company too. Acknowledged our anniversary with a small gift which was appreciated.

Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

Where was staff? One person seemed to be running kitchen, bar, etc. Realize that Greg was new but management needs to be a priority. Was nice of him to forward a picture he took of me in the Rover while he was also out on a safari. they were gracious celebrating Eric's birthday with cake and singing. s

Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge

Would give them a 5 except for a lack of any way to communicate between rooms. Maybe walkie talkie's or something - having small children alone by themselves with no communication is a concern considering the amount of animals that roam the camp. Made a big deal about our anniversary which was appreciated.

Staff Review

Wish she had given a little more input; i.e., pools will be too cold to get in so don't bring bathing attire, bring gloves and stocking hat for morning and night game drives also a scarf to cover face from sand, etc. when needed. Laundry is reliable - don't bring so many clothes. No nicer clothes for dinner - no one dresses up and there is also no time between drives to get a shower and clean up. Nikki responded quickly to questions and was friendly to deal with. Paperwork coming from Mahlatini was no different than what was on the internet so could have saved yourself some mailing money and just referred us to websites (which I had already checked out).