Review by: David& Susan Lyon

Overall Impressions

Everything was very organized and we felt well prepared. Fantastic guide/driver. All accommodations were very good and provided very different experiences. The variety was nice.

Countries Visited


Amazing people - so friendly, warm and willing to take care of us. Cared a lot about their country and were willing to tell us the strengths of Tanzania. The infrastructure is still young and they need to build up the roads and public facilities. While the roads in the park were very rough, which is understandable, the main road through Tanzania still needed some work.

Accommodation Visited

Lake Duluti Serena Hotel

We were there for only about 12 hours. Drinks at night were good & breakfast was fine. No great impression but was definitely appropriate for the short time we were there.

Asilia Oliver's Camp

What a special place and experience! The staff were lovely and the managers felt like owners of the camp. We loved the "authentic" bush experience, with the bush tv (aka camp fire), beautiful vistas with gin & tonics, outside shower and the animals walking through the camp at night. The food was probably the best food we had on the trip. I wish we stayed here one extra night!! I'd rate it best overall experience of the trip.

Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge

A little tired, compared to the others, but still very nice. The staff were very friendly and helpful but they appeared inexperienced (compared to the other Serena lodge we were in). The pool view was amazing, including the baboon visitors. Would recommend staying here, too. This hotel's strength was the outdoor pool and places to sit and relax post-safari.

Exploreans Ngorongoro Lodge

Wow! The lodges were absolutely stunning and the management went out of their way to ask how things were going. The rest of the hotel staff were very accommodating and friendly. The food was also very good, albeit a bit "fancy" for our trip. The vibe, though, was a bit more high class and not nearly as friendly as the other places, perhaps due to the clientele more than the staff. This hotel got voted best lodging of our trip.

Mbuzi Mawe Serena Camp

Great experience in the bush, although not quite as great as Oliver's. The staff here were amazing. The tents were very well equipped and the food was really good. The staff really went out of their way to be friendly and helpful. This camp got voted best staff of our trip.

Onsea House Country Inn and Guest Cottage

Lovely location and inn but the staff were not very helpful nor friendly, compared to the other locations we were at. Could have been due to the fact that we were only in a room for the day. That being said, we'd still recommend it.

Staff Review

Very helpful and happy to answer all of our big and little questions. The preparation kit and instructions were very helpful. I'm glad we were able to get the recommended packing list when we did, after I asked for it a few months ago. I'd recommend that you send out the entire destination packet a month or two ahead of time, even if you need to update it later with the correct phone numbers. Getting enough small bills in USD is a bit difficult if you're not in the US and having time to find that as well as other things would be helpful. All in all, a fantastic trip and we would HIGHLY recommend Mahlatini to our friends. (Also to note...Predators Safari on the Tanzania end was fantastic. The guide we had (Joseph) was absolutely amazing and was instrumental in making our trip unforgettable. Predators also met us upon arrival and when we were leaving to make sure all was ok. Use Predators again with other clients. They're terrific!!!)