Review by: Larry Thomas and Susan Lee Stone

Overall Impressions

Everything was a dream come true! We were so impressed with the accommodations, the logistical scheduling, the time frame of each location! It was all so perfect!!

Countries Visited


We were so in love with this country when we arrived and when we left. It was stunning and so well-versed in keeping the wildlife unconstrained and completely natural. It was such a surreal experience that we still can't believe how wonderful it all was!


We loved Kenya as well, and were so in love with their spirited culture and pride for their country!

Accommodation Visited

Arusha Coffee Lodge

We loved the feel and design of the Coffee Lodge. Everyone was so friendly, helpful, and accommodating! It was a beautiful place to start our trip and refresh from traveling!

Tarangire River Camp

We were SO in love with this place! Perfect location. We loved hearing the elephants outside of our tent at night eating the branches of the trees! We loved hearing the lions roaring in close proximity to us! We love the authenticity of the Masai Warriors walking us to our tents at night! It was such a dream! The river bank that it is set upon provides such a stunning view of the sunset! We loved the friendliness, authenticity, and natural beauty of every minute we were there!

Ngorongoro Farm House

We loved the beauty of the land that the Farm House was situated upon. From the gardens, to the coffee plantation, you couldn't have asked for a more beautiful arrangement of colors, smells, and sunset views. The rooms were huge and always kept clean and tidy! We loved how you could pack your own to-go lunch each day as well!

Lemala Mara

Can we talk about how much of a dream come true this place was?! Oh my gosh. This is exactly what I wanted our safari to be! It was right on the river, and the first day we arrived we were able to see a river crossing that took place not 2 minutes away from our camp! Surrounded by natural beauty, and hospitality, we couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect camp! At night we were able to hear the animals eating, calling to each other, and singing the songs of nature. We loved our tent, our service, our everything there! The last night they took the time to arrange a private sundowner surprise for us and it was just perfect! I honestly think I started to cry with how amazing it was. I don't have enough words to describe how wonderful it all was!

Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp

We loved the hospitality that was present right from the time we stepped off of the airplane! We were met with drinks, snacks, and smiles! Upon arrival to the camp, they danced, sang, and welcomed us! Again, I think I started to cry! On our last night, they arranged a perfect dinner for us. It was set in their treehouse and was decorated with rose petals and candles. It was such a beautiful experience and we loved every minute of our time there! We loved the little details like a heating pad under our sheets at night, along with a phrase in swahili on our pillows that said things like, "Sleep like a princess," and, "Sleep like a lion." It was just all so well put together and wonderful!! We loved the little warthog family that runs around the lawn while you eat! It was so precious!!

Ole Sereni Hotel

It was a wonderful place to stay before our departure the next morning. It was a great, clean place to relax and in great proximity to the airport! We would definitely transition through there again!

Staff Review

Jamie, did an AMAZING job with making everything perfect for us on this trip. His hard work and diligence on this trip made every dream I ever had for this safari come true! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We were SO impressed and overly happy with EVERYTHING!!