Review by: Paula & William Morgan

Countries Visited:
South Africa & Zambia
Holiday Type:
5 18/11/2015

Overall Impressions

We had a wonderful trip that exceeded our hopes and expectations.

Countries Visited

South Africa 4

Warm and welcoming people, beautiful landscapes--from the coastline of the Western Cape to the bush of the game reserves. The Rand to dollar made in-country costs very economical, especially for food and beverage. The historical sites were interesting, and moving. Our concerns for the country and its continued stability relate to the drought/water supply and the people's concern for its government and economy.

Zambia 3

Pretty much what we expected---a lovely resort near the Falls in the midst of significant poverty. Hard to have an impression of a country overall when only in one tiny corner!

Accommodation Visited

More Quarters Apartment Hotel 4

Great staff-particularly Sisandra. Wonderful breakfast, location. Very comfortable room with large bathroom. Location of room felt a bit closed in.

Ngala Tented Camp 5

Loved everything about this place! The "tent" was so well designed. Comfortable and luxurious. One suggestion---in your tipping recommendations, I thought that a group "staff" tip included the butler----a term I learned from other guests after departure. They indicated that the butler should be tipped individually, similar to the guide/ranger. I would suggest you include that in future recommendations if indeed the case.

Kirkman's Kamp 4

While not as luxurious as Ngala, the setting is lovely, the lodge warm and comfortable, and the staff fantastic. They are updating the rooms, which would address most of the things we didn't like about the room---inadequate outlets, lighting, ceiling fan operation.

The Royal Livingstone Hotel by Anantara 5

Simply stunning hotel and grounds. My only complaint was missing seeing any zebra there! I do think that the travel info should include something about traveling into Zimbabwe to see the Falls. There isn't much to see from the Zambia side, especially as low as the water is right now.

Staff Review 5

Thorough and very timely with follow-up. She made it easy to fit the itinerary in with our booking other travel before and after. Delightful sense of humor. Claire seems to quickly get what you are looking for and what will be a good fit. And she was right when she said, "Everyone says it's a once in a lifetime trip, but then everyone wants to go back." That is so true for us! Also appreciated Maura's patience and understanding when dealing with a frustrating wire of funds issue.