Review by: Bill Passmore

Overall Impressions

The wildlife - animals & birds - viewing and especially the huge number of elephant in Chobe National Park and seeing the Wild Dogs in Lebala were probably the highlights this time around (my second visit to Botswana). But having said that the lions, leopards and cheetahs are spectacular and the Oryx (Gemsbok) and Springbok in the Kalahari are very special too. I am not "into" birds so much but the Lilacbreasted Rollers, Fish Eagles & Owls are all so beautiful. That apart the staff at the camps are really welcoming and helpful and the Guides and Trackers knowledge of wildlife "encyclopedia - like"

Countries Visited


All I really know about Botswana is the camps I stayed in and the bush apart from a brief visit to Maun which can probably best be described as a "frontier" town but it seemed to me to be clean and orderly

Accommodation Visited

Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

THe staff especially the guides and trackers were excellent but I found the Manager somewhat arrogant in her treatment of the staff and she had very high "expectations" as to the amount she suggested as appropriate tips for guests to give to her for her to "distribute" to staff - I tipped the staff directly. This left me with a bit of a bad taste. The Assistant Manager who was in charge for two of the three days was very helpful and pleasant

Chobe Under Canvas

Everything was superb and the manager and guide great hosts

Tau Pan Camp

Likewise - everything was fantastic as it was in 2010

Royal Tree Lodge

Just a one night visit but it was fine

Lebala Camp

Second time around here and once again it couldn't be faulted. As in the case of all the camps I stayed in the food was simple but excellent (no mean achievement given the remoteness of the camps)and the accommodation very comfortable. What I like about all the camps is that everything is simple and nothing overdone. The provision of comfortable en-suite accommodation with good showers in the back of beyond is no mean achievementt

Staff Review

First Class