Review by: Emily Davis & David Bruce

Overall Impressions

This trip was well organised with a generally excellent itinerary. All places (bar one) were fantastic. The Funky Cichlid was not at the same level as the other accommodation. We were aware that this was going to be the case and that we had a restricted budget - but I do feel that you should inform people more about this so that they can make an informed decision and be prepared for this.

Countries Visited


Malawi is beautiful and the people that we met incredibly friendly. We travelled in the wet season, so experienced green fields and some lovely lush terrain. Only had rain twice, and these were more like likely heavy Summer downpours than grey dreary weather. Malawi is obviously a poor country. We knew this before we went and were prepared for seeing some basic living conditions. Most villages were however clean and well kept.

Accommodation Visited

Blue Zebra Island Lodge

Beautiful spot, had a bushbaby visit our balcony in the night time.

Mvuu Camp

We were upgraded to the lodge. Had impeccable, personal service and some amazing guided walks and trips. Saw lots of animals. A real highlight of the trip.

Mumbo Island Camp

Probably our favourite place for relaxing. The atmosphere here is amazing and all the staff and other guests really friendly.

The Funky Cichlid

This is a backpackers lodge (and much cheaper), so understandably is not at the same level as the other places that we stayed at. While the location is very pretty and the staff were friendly, the room was not good (did not really feel clean, especially the linen).

Staff Review

Nikki was great, she gave us good advice regarding our use of time and accommodation. All documentation was sent to us in good time and all correct. However - I would highlight my comment above about pointing out the difference in standard re: the Funky Cichlid. I also appreciate that Nikki did not pressurise us to give immediate feedback after our holiday (we have been really busy, but did want to give the feedback - so it being handled in this manner was perfect!)