Review by: Anonymous

Countries Visited:
South Africa
Holiday Type:
4 11/07/2016

Overall Impressions

Overall the trip was great. Singita Boulders was hands down the highlight, and Nikki was right to rearrange our dates to make sure we were there for 4 nights. It's the most amazing place we've ever been, and we hope to be able to go back one day. The main downside to the trip was the flight. We did not like South African Airways at all. The service, especially on the flight there, was horrible. It was better on the way back, but there was still something missing. The plane was old, the seats were uncomfortable, and they were not helpful at all when we inquired about upgrading about business. If there is a next time, we will just fly another airline, as there are plenty of better options.

Countries Visited

South Africa 4

Cape Town was great. It felt a little rushed because we only had 2.5 days, but we still had a great time. The only thing was slightly strange, was our guide who picked us up at the airport and then took us for full day tours the next 2 days was with us the entire time, including during the lunches. He was very nice and insightful so we didn't mind it at all, but I would highlight that to your clients going forward, because it caught us by surprise a little bit since we were on our honeymoon. We also got lucky with the weather, but if we ever make it back, we'll go a different time of year.

Accommodation Visited

Singita Boulders Lodge 5

The absolute greatest place we've ever been! Everything was beyond perfect. I know it's expensive, but i've never felt better spending that much money in my entire life. 4 nights was perfect. Our guide, Michelle, and tracker, Phan, were incredible.

Staff Review 4

Nikki was great! The best call she made was moving our dates around so that we had 4 nights at Singita Boulders, and that made the trip. She was also very helpful looking into other return flight options when we were thinking about changing airlines. I do wish we would have put more time/thought into selecting our flights originally, but overall Nikki was great and made some very good recommendations.