Review by: Holly Maggio & Matthew Tharp

Countries Visited:
Botswana, South Africa & Zambia
Holiday Type:
4 08/08/2016

Overall Impressions

We loved every part except for Chobe. Everything was organized and easy to follow. We really enjoyed the honeymoon and really appreciated the help from Jamie prior to departure.

Countries Visited

South Africa 5

LOVE South Africa and will be back! This is by far the best! We saw everything there. Even what we thought we wouldn't see and would only see in Botswana we saw in South Africa. I can't say enough great things about this leg of our journey.

Zambia 5

REally enjoyed our time here. We even popped over to Zimbabwe.

Botswana 4

HATED CHOBE. Wish I had skipped it all together but really enjoyed the Delta.

Accommodation Visited

Arathusa Safari Lodge 5

LOVE This hotel. Their newly renovated luxary rooms are amazing. We had originally requested a luxary room the entire time but at the time of booking only a standard was available. Suggest for future similar situations that a follow up with the hotel prior to departure to see if a luxary room is available. I asked on the last day and they were able to move us into one of their newly renovated rooms, and I was beyond thrilled. New big things are coming for this hotel. Loved it~!!! Can't wait to go back!

The Royal Livingstone Hotel by Anantara 5

Really enjoyed our time here. This hotel offered everything we wanted. The location close to the falls was spectacular. I did feel a bit like everyone wanted a tip but when I realized 10% was added to every bill I felt better. However they still have an overwhelming amount of staff there that is hoping/expecting additional tips every where you turn.

Chobe Safari Lodge 1

I HATED this hotel. I would NEVER suggest that this hotel ever be used again for a honey moon. It was like going to summer camp. We looked at the Bush Lodge across the street and its a little nicer but still a larger hotel. The huge safari drives and large boats was distasteful and left me with a bad taste in my mouth for all of Chobe. Wish we would have done a much smaller accommodation with the normal african touch. This was like going to the YMCA with a buffet dinner. I hated this place and wanted to find my own accommodation after the first night. I seriously questioned why Mahlatini works with Chobe Safari Lodge at all. Considering Mahlatini is a luxary travel company and Chobe Safari Lodge is far from Luxurious.

Pom Pom Camp 5

LOVED this place. They had the special african touch and even decorated the bed with well wishes for our honeymoon. The entire staff here was great. We really enjoyed this.

Staff Review 5

Jamie did well. We really enjoyed all of his help leading up to, during, and after the trip. He was very helpful in answering all of our questions and going the extra mile to help make everything smooth.