Review by: Anonymous

Countries Visited:
Mozambique, South Africa & Zimbabwe
Holiday Type:
Family Holiday
5 10/08/2016

Overall Impressions

Fantastic trip which will remain in our minds for a long time !

Countries Visited

South Africa 5

Surprisingly people were extremely nice and helpful everywhere when we had to deal with locals. We did not see much of the "real life" but had a positive impression

Zimbabwe 4

Here again people were very nice although the economic situation under Mugabe is really disastrous.I think everybody has the same opinion about Mugabe but we had to read through the lines.... Pity as the country could really see a strong economic turnaround if it was lead by competent people.

Mozambique 4

Here as in zimbabwe, had a short glimpse as we drove from the airport to the Marina. People are extremely nice and not aggressive at all. We walked to Santa maria in a local village and although the standards are miles away from here in Europe, nobody came to us to beg for money. Extremely friendly and polite people, but they do not seek contact very much.

Accommodation Visited

Marataba Safari Lodge 4

The rooms were great. Diner was ok, although not too structured at times.

The Victoria Falls Hotel 4

Had its best days some years ago. We can see that they try to keep the hotel to its former glory. Taps not working very well, but it was nice to be in the atmosphere of 100 years ago. Should watch Sherlock Holmes in Victoria Falls....

Davison's Camp 5

Great place, excellent atmosphere. Extremely friendly people. In particular the lodge manager )Bee) was super nice.

OR Tambo City Lodge 4

Standard business airport hotel.

Machangulo Beach Lodge 4

Extremely nice rooms. However the safe did not work (old dated system) which was annoying as we had to keep passport and valuables with us at all time, drain was stuck. Hard to give a tough time as the people were extremely friendly . A little amateurish , will need to be managed a little bit more professionally. It is high end because of the set up, not high luxury when looking at the details.

Staff Review 5

Nikki was great . Not sure if she went to the countries before but her recommendations were extremely valuable. The design of the trip was excellent.