Review by: John and Susan Salmon

Overall Impressions

So positive...all the attention to detail was appreciated, and everything worked well. We had such a good time. We felt the first two camps were the better of the three...poor Savuti was so dry, so there was not much game there.

Countries Visited


We loved Botswana. Being in the bush there feels like the real thing. It's unspoilt and felt uncommercialised, with the anticipation of a surprise imminent....there were surprises in the form of male lion patrolling, 4 sightings of leopard and wild dog puppies being babysat at the den. Birds filled the gaps fantastically! The good vibe between the fellow guides was noticeable.


Our first time, and the border crossing was fascinating and trouble free. Our interaction with the hotel and sunset cruise staff was very positive. We felt sad for the guys trying to sell their curios.

Accommodation Visited

Letaka Mobile Camp

We were thrilled with the details of the mobile camp. Lucas, our guide was outstanding...his knowledge of the birds and the game behaviour was so good, and his interpersonal skills were just as good. He won our trust, and we felt safe with him. The chef, Life, was so talented...soufflé and cake in that oven of coals was greatly appreciated. We felt everything was well thought out...comfortable beds, ensuite bathrooms which were essential, hot water, laundry done, and G&Ts; included. Bede and Alec were consistently helpful and pleasant.

The Royal Livingstone Hotel by Anantara

It was a real treat to check in there, and indulge in the luxury after being on the mobile safari. The location was fantastic on the banks of the mighty Zambezi, so close to the Falls. We felt that the constant buzz of the helicopters and microlites detracted from the peace of the location. We enjoyed the sunset cruise on the River Queen

Staff Review

Excellent communication and enthusiasm with consistently good advice. We were a large party coming in from all over, with different needs and different passports. We felt grateful to Greg for organising a really fantastic family holiday.