Review by: Michael and Maeve Deeny

Overall Impressions

A superb trip for all the family. It was definitely worthwhile to travel around and get more of a sense of the country and its people.

Countries Visited

South Africa

South Africa is an incredible mix of cultures, people, food, scenery, weather and absolutely fabulous wildlife. We are thrilled we decided to go there and want to return.

Accommodation Visited

Spier Hotel

Lovely and relaxing place. Not so much in terms of activities as the other locations but we enjoyed it.

The Oyster Box Hotel

Beautiful place. Excellent facilities. Avoid the vindaloo on the curry buffet unless you are used to VERY spicy foods!

Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge

Spectacular. Excellent facilities and staff. The highlight of the trip.

Rocktail Beach Camp

Beautiful place, facilities and excellent activities. Excellent staff. The only issue is around the very remote location (takes a long time to get there) and some of the roads around it are not great - but its worth the effort.

Staff Review

very responsive and helpful