Review by: Shellee Katz & Damian Grey

Overall Impressions

very organized, all information was provided, no surprises

Countries Visited

South Africa




Accommodation Visited

The Clarendon Fresnaye

excellent - Emmy was amazing and perfect, property was amazing, service was perfect, food was great, truly excellent, above and beyond for honeymoon- cape town was beautiful.

Majeka House

excellent - Janice was amazing, this was a perfect experience, bartender could have been more on brand, thats it, all good things, nothing very special decorative wise for honeymoon, but thats okay, only there for two nights

Sanctuary Makanyane Safari Lodge

would not stay here again, service was not excellent, not above and beyond, service was basic or less than average. had to ask for drinks during dinner, we were not asked what we would like to drink and if we wanted another drink during dinner, we had to really get someones attention to get drinks during dinner. food was very "american" and not very authentic - for example chicken fingers were served for lunch one day. too many spiders in the room. for our departure the property manager did not wake up to let us out of the gate at 230 in the morning- very unprofessional, we had trouble finding the property manager who would not respond to our calls, had to wait a very long time, causing us risk to miss our flights, the first night we arrived, the shower drain was clogged and entire shower was flooded into bathroom, very bad first impression. they didn't try and fix it but instead asked us to pack all of our things and move into another room after dinner, this was after we unpacked and attempted to shower and had a long day of traveling already. we didn't want to have to move. they they fixed the drain during dinner. didn't offer us special wine from the cellar for honeymoon until the last night. no special honeymoon dinner, or honeymoon decor in room, furniture and decor inside lodge was very outdated, not modern, book shelves hadn't been cleaned in a very, very long time, bathtub filled very very slowly, water was brown,

Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort and Spa

food was not good, food was basic, not for foodies, not authentic or mozambique style, same exact menu every single day for lunch and breakfast was very boring and became old, very plain and "americanized" food for dinner, no true seafood - like oysters or fresh grilled squid or clams or langoustines or any fish, nothing fresh, not for foodies, and i expressed we were foodies, meat was overcooked and tough, not made to order, service was excellent, upgrade was perfect, villa was perfect, room service was amazing, honeymoon specials were great, everything except food was 5 star, food was two star

Staff Review

all info was provided, although some not special for us, too generalized information in guide, Nikki was not friendly at the end when i had concerns the night before the trip Nikki couldn't be bothered and was unfriendly in emails about our worries. also, i explained we were foodies and liked to eat and drink and Sanctuary and Anantara were not for foodies.