Review by: Bill Passmore

Overall Impressions

Everything came up to expectations

Countries Visited


Ilala Lodge, Little Makololo Camp and Ruckomechi Camo were all excellent but I don't believe they are a true reflection of Zimbabwe so I can't honestly answer that question - hence my 3/5. The only real impression we got of Zim was Victoria Falls town. It looked quite run down for a prime tourist center, there were a significant number of quite aggressive street "traders" (beggars). The only shop we went into (a pharmacy) appeared to have few products on its shelves. The Zimbabweans we met in the camps/hotel were a lovely, well educated people. One of their comments which stuck in my mind was when asked why the people didn't rise up against the Government was that the people were so overcome trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table for their family, they just didn't have the time or the energy to demonstrate or revolt.

Accommodation Visited

Ilala Lodge Hotel


Little Makalolo Camp

Excellent. The Management and staff were very welcoming and helpful and our guide Dickson was exceptional. He even managed to find Zanda the lion for us. Zanda is the late Cecil's son

Ruckomechi Camp

As for Little Makololo. Our guide Mundoga (? spelling)maybe was not quite up to Dickson's standard but his wife had died within the previous month so understandably he seemed a bit distracted at times. He did manage to predict a lion kill - of a young buffalo - a got us in exactly the right position to see it.The Elephants and Lioness' visits to the camp were "interesting" to say the least!

Staff Review

Excellent apart from the fact that Greg Fox's comments about the Springbok rugby team were unrepeatable!