Review by: Elizabeth & Charles Galloway

Overall Impressions

The trip was outstanding. It was put together and provided us with an extremely diverse trip as we saw different types of settings with different types of accommodations.

Countries Visited

South Africa

It was a great place for a family vacation. Everyone was very nice and hospitable. It is also a very beautiful part of the world.

Accommodation Visited

Kurland Hotel

Stunning...accommodations were beautiful and the service was amazing. We were able to enjoy different landscapes from the polo farm in the middle of nowhere to the beach. Kurland also provided us a picnic lunch and everything we needed to take our family to the beach.

One & Only Cape Town

It was a beautiful hotel with a resort feel. We were able to relax by the pool and enjoy the waterfront. The service was outstanding and very family oriented. The spa was a nice amenity as well.

Chitwa Chitwa Private Game Lodge

This is the BEST way to do an African safari. The staff was so wonderful and did everything to make our experience memorable. They even arranged for us to go to a local village and let our kids meet local children at the nursery school.

Oliver's Restaurant and Lodge

We were here for less than 24 hours but again this was a beautiful place to stay with a wonderful staff. The restaurant and spa were also nice to have available.

Staff Review

Glynis was so wonderful to work with. She was very thorough in understanding what we were looking for out of our experience. She planned us the vacation of a lifetime that our family will never forget. In addition to planning everything, we didn't have to worry about a single thing while we were gone as she took care of everything right down to sending us the materials in the order in which things would take place. She was absolutely outstanding.