Review by: Julian & Vivienne Wantling

Overall Impressions

Fantastic Santuary locations with generally outstanding service and heartwarming African hospitality, breathtaking locations. Full score only let down as a result of problem and unpleasant experience with 1 manager.

Countries Visited


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Chobe Chilwero and Baines (Okavango delta) 2 very different camps, both fantastic for very different reasons. In Chobe we saw an overwhelming amount of wildlife. Okavango much more remote with much fewer sightings. The sighting of cheetah kill made up for this as well as the heartwarming incredible service and treats organised for us by Baines camp staff such as baths under the stars. Dinner outside around camp fire and remote location surprise breakfast. These were events which require a lot of man hours from the staff and mass us feel very special!

South Africa


Beautiful island, fantastic hotel with great activities on offer. Trip to waterfall and snorkelling highly recommended. Great option of private island connected to the hotel. Full score withheld on basis of a few individuals in the hotel who stood out like a sore thumb providing bad service and also relatively high expense of food & extras (value for money).

Accommodation Visited

Sanctuary Sussi and Chuma

This location staying in the amazing Chuma houses would deserve 5/5 as so beautiful and staff that comes with the houses (cook, butler, housekeeper) were truly amazing. Unfortunately we had a bad experience with the manager, being threatened to be thrown out of our accommodation which was a result of error in booking by Sanctuary. The problem was badly handled by the manager and ruined our stay at Sussi & Chuma. This score is a crying shame for the rest of the staff and the location as it deserves 5/5 if it wasn't for our bad experience with poor management.

Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero

Grear hotel in fantastic location, so much wildlife to see. Food very high standard.

Sanctuary Baines Camp

Baines camp is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We were truly spoilt with very personal service and treats. Nothing seems to much for the amazing staff at Baines. To repeat the words of the song sung for us by the staff around the camp fire: "we will never forget beautiful Africa" and we will never forget beautiful Baines camp!

OR Tambo City Lodge

Adequate, perfect location in airport for next morning flight

Shangri-La?s Le Touessrok Resort & Spa

Great hotel with fantastic facilities and activities. Only let down by a handful of individual staff members who were a little rude anc very slow service. Also cost of food, drinks and extra's are high so score reflects value for money mark down.

Staff Review

Thank you so much to Nikki for all your help, for choosing these amazing locations for us, for the extra personal touches, for your help when we were faced with the problem in Sussi& Chuma and for making sure this was a trip of a lifetime.