Review by: Bernard Touraine & Jocelyne Vade

Overall Impressions

 Everything was on schedule...  The weather was perfect, (and not too warm for european people...)  The driver / guide (Francis) was a very nice person,  full of initiatives...

Countries Visited


Perhaps, not a typical touristical african country... But the south part we visited deserve a tour.


Safaris in south Luangwa park are great A lot of animals and very well managed activities..

Accommodation Visited

Huntingdon House

  Huntngdon House is a very nice place to stay, room, food and service are great.  And also landscape made of tea fields is absolutly beautiful ,  A kind of locally of African grass where not a leaf exceed as it is quickly cut for the tea process...

Ku Chawe Inn

  Zomba aera is quite interessing place, and the mountain offers lot of good quiet treks...   Rooms of the Sunbird Hotel in Ku Chawe are spacious with large landscape, but the food   is not a the right level... (We experienced (but not only) a poor and sad buffet for a dinner...)

Kumbali Country Lodge

  Kumbali Lodge in Lilongwe is perfect,  Quiet, good accomodation and pleasant food.

Mfuwe Lodge

The Mfuwe Logde is great and very well located to views animals.. Safari activities are very well managed, and the at night ride is very impressive... Perhaps we were Lucky but we can observes lot of elephants, lions, léopards, hippo, crocodiles and even whartdogs hunting,  and of course a lot of antilops, monkeys and birds.. Lions, monkeys , éléphants are really among the chalets and, sometime on the terrace you are just 2 meters above  elephants and lions as baboons are screaming in the trees above you...

Staff Review

Very good team... Wz appreciate at lot the quick and accurate answers which made us always confident...