Review by: Gina & Jason Smith

Overall Impressions

Stanley's camp in Okavango delta and tau pan in kalahari both hardly had any animals, it was very disappointing especially for our kids. The people that worked there are super nice though.

Countries Visited


We just stayed there to see Victoria Falls. We actually took a day trip to the Zimbabwe side and it was much more spectacular on that side than zambia's side.


We really liked the diversity of the land in each of the places we went. They were all beautiful in their own way. And the people there are so kind.

Accommodation Visited

Sanctuary Sussi and Chuma

The location and feel of the place was great and the people were really great that worked there. The food was just ok and one of our rooms had quite a bit of bugs.

Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero

The view from the deck is absolutely beautiful and the rooms are very nice. They go above and beyond in taking care of you while staying there. We didn't like the food very much. The people that worked there were very nice and professional but maybe too professional. They were kind of stuffy there and not very personable with the kids.

Sanctuary Stanley's Camp

Again it was very beautiful out back. But the tents are pretty worn down. The game viewing was terrible, we hardly saw anything. We spoke to some people who stayed at different camps in the delta and they saw tons of stuff, one of the camps being sanctuary chief's camp. Again the people were very nice and accommodating but not enough to cover up how disappointing it was for game viewing.

Tau Pan Camp

Very nice view. We liked the camp family dinners with all the people staying there and a few of the managers and rangers. The people were by far the best out of all the places we stayed. They really went out of their way to talk to the kids and joke around with them, they were really great. It was however a bad end to our trip. Other than their usual animals that hang out in the pan there were no animals. On our only full day there we chose to go on a day long game drive. We were in the car for 8 hours and didn't see any animals. It was so miserable, it was like we were being tortured for 8 hours. My kids were very upset by the end of that drive. I'm sure it was just bad luck, the guide said he's never had such an unsuccessful day. But all the same between our unsuccessful time in the delta and then the kalahari we really ended our trip on a bad note.

Staff Review

Nikki was great and all others who I had contact with were really helpful, professional and nice. The only thing bad I could say is that I wish we were booked at better game viewing camps.