Review by: Anonymous

Overall Impressions

We loved it and wish we could have stayed longer. Lots to do and just about the right amount of time for everything.

Countries Visited

South Africa

Fantastic. Huge variety in everything. Very kind and friendly people. Although we know we only saw a snapshot of the country and a very luxurious one.

Accommodation Visited

More Quarters Apartment Hotel

Great service, great staff. Very big room. A bit of building work, but it didn't get in the way.

Oude Werf Hotel

Nice location and hotel. Our room was a bit unnecessary as we couldn't use the outdoor space of our room (climate). The staff were very friendly, but maybe a bit unorganised. e.g. offering us a take-away breakfast for our early morning start (which was unexpected and very kind), but then it not being communicated to morning staff/ready.

Kosi Forest Lodge

Staff were really kind and friendly. Loved the outdoor bath! Quite a lot of travelling that day though - flight from Cape Town to Durban + 5 hour drive to Kosi Forest.

Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge

The best hotel we stayed in. What a room! Our guide was fantastic, really knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated. The only thing we could have used is binoculars, as we didn't bring any and the only set to buy cost 400euros! 3 days was the max we would have stayed, because it felt like we'd seen a lot of the park by then.

Thonga Beach Lodge

Staff Review

Great. Very patient with our frequent and sometimes quite drastic changes to our schedule! Any problems/errors were quickly fixed. We were skeptical about using an agency at first, but really came to see the benefits. Thank you!