Review by: Chris & Vanessa Barnes

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5 29/12/2011

Overall Impressions

Bateleur Camp was absolutely out of this world - we would recommend it to anyone without any hesitation whatsoever and have done so already. The knowledge and friendliness of the staff, combined with the luxury of the accomodation, set us off to an excellent start with our honeymoon.

Countries Visited

Kenya 5

Seeing so much of nature running around freely was out of this world - we never quite imagined how fantastic an experience this would be for each of us and it really did surpass our expectations. Hot air balloning was an experience we were really delighted we managed to do - and we would recommend that other visitors give this a try as the sunrise is really fanastic from up in the sky - along with the walking safari where we got up close (and almost too personal) with a lot of hippos who were headed back to bed one morning! Wonderful memories, of which these are only a couple. The food was also excellent, both at Bateleur Camp and Ngong House - an absolutely fantstic standard and lots of variety.

Accommodation Visited

Bateleur Camp 5

Just amazing - absolutely nothing was too much effort. It had perhaps a slightly older traveller than us there, but we didn't find that a problem because it is not exactly the sort of place you go to have wild parties! I think that we stayed for just about long enough - any longer and you tend to overrun with other people coming in on tours so they want to see different things that you may have already seen on your own excursions.

Staff Review 5

I assume that sarah has changed her name from Sarah Fox, which was her name when I was dealing with her (I think). Sarah was excellent throughout the whole booking process, and really went the extra mile to find different alternatives for places to stay, flughts to take etc. She was the deciding factor which made me decide to go with Mahlatini against other agents. I must say that when Sarah left to go on maternity leave I did feel that the standard of attention did drop somewhat, and aside from this email asking for my feedback several months after I returned I had little in the way of contact from anyone at Mahlatini. In particular, I thought it would have been good form to drop me a quick email or even a call when I got back, asking if I was happy with the honeymoon and whether everything had gone ok with. Please pass on my warm regards to Sarah, who I hope is doign well with her new arrival.