Review by: Anonymous

Overall Impressions

Well organized trip: we got all papers in good time, and everything that was promised was delivered.

Countries Visited

South Africa

Accommodation Visited

The Oyster Box Hotel

the 3 out of 5 is due to the following reason: even though the hotel is self i find to be a on a good side, first of all, it's a bit outdated, which makes it not good value for money. keeping in mind the amount of money you paid, i would expect newer facilities and cleanser enviroment.

Staff Review

Glynis was very helpful and fast in responding. She has quite a person touch, which we highly appreciated. I think I would have appreciated other offer, like maybe proposing to us some other hotel, in a cheaper selection. Just so that we have a choice of going to different levels. (even though we didn't ask for it. I would also want to get more info in advance about where we would need a rented car and where not.) We were however super happy to work with her and we would do it again.