Review by: Kevin Lai & Dina Kospetas

Overall Impressions

perfect itinerary, felt so organized and easy the whole way. dubai was our favorite

Countries Visited

United Arab Emirates

some of the best meals of our lives (Zuma, local middle eastern food) uber is very cheap and nice cars interesting contrast of religious conservatism and extravagant culture gold market souk was incredible and we spent $600 USD on really high quality jewelry textile souk was intimidating and scary habtoor grand had amazing, generous staff and food (except in-house italian restaurant)


not enough to do around the island and cabs are very expensive ($30 for 10 min) doesn't seem like tourism is very developed yet the beaches are perfect the food is not appealing and very expensive vallee de mai is jawdropping

Accommodation Visited

Habtoor Grand Beach Resort

courteous and generous staff amazing breakfast selection we loved the infinity pool

Carana Beach Hotel

food is expensive (burger comes out close to $20 USD) nothing to really do at the hotel meal times end early beach is perfectly beautiful - we laid out all day every day courteous and generous staff very well designed, decorating style

Staff Review

Staff could not be nicer - made everything so simple and easy. THANK YOU!