Review by: Pekka & Taina Kekolahti

Overall Impressions

Even Kati Kati was disappointment, the overal impression was good. The driver was a good spotter and driver and therefore saved also Kati Kati.

Countries Visited


Tanzania national parks are pearls and we will already thinking about next travel to Tanzania

Accommodation Visited

Tarangire Safari Lodge

Guaranteed place and environment, but perhaps needs already a bit renovation

Ngorongoro Oldeani Mountain Lodge

Overfriendly place and too quiet. Lacks activities.

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

The staff should be more customer friendly

Ndutu Safari Lodge

All was perfect: environment, staff, views, location.

Kati Kati Mara Tented Camp

Disappointment. Still after two days we are suffering from itchy mosquitos'and tse-tse flies' bites, what we got in the tent during dining and in the car. Kati Kati is in the area where a lot of tse-tse flies and the tent obviously had some holes for mosquitos to fly in and/or the dinner area had a lot of mosquitos. In addition, I thought that our Kati Kati tented camp will be more near Ndutu, but it was near Seronera, where only local non-migrating animal waspossible to see. The driver saved the situation by spotting interesting animals and animal actions.

KIA Lodge

Ok, but it was not near aiport. This Kia lodge was near Arusha. It took one hour to rive there.The cottage windows were open, so also there were mosqitous in.

Staff Review

Donna and other Mahlatini staff did good job.