Review by: Jessica Bailey & Rocco Musumeci

Overall Impressions

High quality customer service and we were spoilt rotten.

Countries Visited

South Africa

The people made the safaris for us. The animals were amazing too. The staff, guides and trackers were so friendly, personable and showed genuine interest and care in us. We loved all the surprises they did for us to make it romantic.


The Hilton on Silhouette Island was amazing. It was so nice having a Villa right on the beach with a plunge pool. The food was very good here. There was just a lot of spoilt and loud children in the Seychelles.

Accommodation Visited

Ngala Tented Camp

Personal staff, amazing food, engaging guide and spoilt rotten.

Dulini Leadwood Lodge

It was great to experience a different lodge. Both were different and both were incredible. Staff were so friendly. Our guide Jono and tracker Christopher were our best friends.

Constance Ephelia Seychelles

The Constance Ephelia was very big and we were a far walk from reception and the main restaurant. We did mainly activities there which was good. It just rained and was cloudy a lot. The breakfast at the buffet wasn't that great.

Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort and Spa

The staff at the main buffet restaurant were the best. More private accommodation and very relaxing. We went on a sunset cruise and unfortunately missed the sunset because a woman who was pregnant was feeling ill and had to turn back. She was warned about sea sickness beforehand and she went anyway. Wasn't very fair on the rest of us. There should be a policy where if you are pregnant you cannot take the experience away from others. Besides that the Hilton was a lovely place.

Staff Review

Very patient with us making our decisions and always flexible with rearranging our honeymoon to what we wanted it to be. Thank you!