Slow Safaris

A slower-paced safari itinerary will enable you to travel more mindfully, immersively and authentically. You will gain a much greater understanding of the destination and we will ensure your travels directly benefit the land, wildlife and people.

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- African Proverb -

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

The Covid pandemic has forced us all to slow down and focus on the quality, not the quantity, of our travel experiences. A safari is always a soul-restoring experience but too often it is squeezed into a couple of days, as part of a whistlestop African tour. A slower-paced safari allows a true immersion in the landscape, a deeper understanding of the wildlife and opportunity to engage in real conversations with the locals.

We recommend you spend a minimum of 3 nights, ideally more, at each camp on your slow safari. The focus is less on ticking-off wildlife sightings and more on learning the habits and habitats of a particular lion pride, as your private guide tracks them over several days. Explore at a slower pace and discover the 'Little 5', wonder at the industry of the dung beetle, the agility of the birds swallowing insects mid-swoop or the antics of the vervet monkeys.

Take some time to actually enjoy those luxury suites, have a guilt-free lie-in with breakfast-in-bed, laze by the pool with a good book and later share stories around the campfire. Amongst your game drives, take a scenic helicopter or hot air balloon flight, visit a local village or brush up on your African culinary skills with a cookery class.

A walking safari is the epitome of the 'slow safari', enlivening your senses as you hear, smell, touch - even taste - the African wilderness around you. Led by expert guides, you quietly tread in the footsteps of Africa's greats: elephant, hippo and lion, but are forced to slow right down, be present and notice the birds, bugs and flora surrounding you.

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