Walking Safaris

Walking safaris were pioneered in the 1950s in Zambia by the famous environmentalist Norman Carr. In our opinion walking is a magical way to explore the African bushveld.

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There is a world of difference between experiencing a safari on foot, "old style", than from a noisy safari vehicle. Naturally you cover less distance but when you step out of a safari vehicle you feel your senses sharpen and you become alert to every sound as you become part of the bush.

Walking safaris are all about quality not quantity and it is very often about the smaller creatures and the flora which is so often missed whilst in search of the Big 5. It may be intimidating at first however expert guides will quickly make you feel at ease. Imagine the tingle of your senses and the beating of your heart as you edge closer to a herd of elephant!

True walking safaris are generally those which are offered over a course of a few days where you will walk between camps, covering a larger area. Some will also include game drives. With only the canvas of your tent between you and the bush - it's an experience not easily forgotten. The best walking safaris in our opinion are still those offered in Zambia but other countries such as South Africa, Tanzania and Botswana also provide quality experiences.

Many camps and lodges across Africa which would traditionally have only offered game drives have now started offering walks as additional morning or afternoon activities.

All of our safari experts will have experienced walking safaris so if you want to hear more about this incredible experience get in touch.

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